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Testimonials regarding the Conferences page

"As usual PathologyOutlines has been greatly efficient to promote our conference! We are totally satisfied about your service!" Dr. Claudia Massi, Italy, 27 February 2015

"All perfect as usual!" Dr. Dott Alberto Furlanetto, Italy, 5 February 2015

"We were pleased with the response to the advertisement for the last one you advertised for us." Ms. H, United Kingdom, 11 November 2014

"You guys have been so fast and easy to work with. It is much appreciated!" Ms. S, Michigan, 26 September 2014

"We have been advertising our meeting with Outlines for some years now and the service, and response has always been great." Mr. N, South Carolina, 18 September 2014

"Thanks for the fast turnaround Nat!" Ms. M, Canada, 13 June 2014

"This is great – thanks for getting this up so quickly! " Ms. S, Delaware, 2 May 2014

"The conference is totally full. No more places available." Ms. M, Italy, 7 March 2014

"I am sure will have a great response with www.PathologyOutlines.com!!!" Ms. M, Italy, 27 Feb 2014

"You send us about 80% of outside traffic" for our conference." Ms. N, South Carolina, 20 Feb 2014

"Advertising our meetings in www.PathologyOutlines.com is terrifically efficient! We receive registrations from all over the world and our conferences - 200 attendees - fill up very quickly! " Ms. M, Italy, 19 February 2014

"Thank you. It looks great!" Ms. P, Minnesota, 16 Jan 2014

"We've really increased our business since we started advertising with you." Ms. H, California, 21 August 2013

"I am very satisfied about advertising our conferences on Pathologyoutlines...it works very well, actually!" Dr. M, Italy, 8 July 2013

"You have a good readership that connects with our meetings." Ms. B, Florida, 3 April 2012

"Thank you so much for the terrific job you guys do." Mr. N, South Carolina, 3/27/12

"It [the ad] looks and works great!" Ms. D, by email, 3/1/12

"Really thanks for your kind availability to make changes in our ad. We are really satisfied with advertising our conferences in pathology outlines conference page." Ms. M, by email, 2/16/12

"Thank you for your excellent service. The posting looks terrific!' MS. P, Minnesota, 12/19/11

"Many thanks for your prompt service, Nat." Ms. M, California, 11/14/2011

"By the by, a statistic you may find of interest: last year, 87% of visitors to our website that came from an outside link, came from PathologyOutlines." Mr. N, North Carolina, 10/5/2011

"As always, it is a pleasure to work with you. Your site has always been user friendly, and extremely cost-effective. I’m sure we will see the same results this year." Mr. N, North Carolina, 10/6/2011

"Thanks so much for the rapid turnaround. I appreciate it!" Ms. D, by mail, 8/12/2011

"We have already reached the maximum number of participants (really thanks to PathologyOutlines website!) coming from all over the world." Dr. M, Italy, 6/15/11

"The page looks great. I appreciate you and your team getting the page up so quickly." Ms. W, Wisconsin, 4/15/11

"You always do such a great job." Ms. B, Florida, 3/16/2011

"Thank you Joy! The posting looks great!" Dr. B, South Carolina, 2/15/2011

"Thank you. The ad looks great.", Ms. C, Florida, 11/24/2010

"Pathology Outlines is one of the best sites - well done, relevant.", Ms. B, by email, 3/16/2010

"Fabulous! Looks nice - thank you for doing that!", Ms. A, Minnesota, 3/11/10

"We get good registrations through your site.", Dr. S, South Carolina, 2/21/2010

“Thank you for providing this useful service. It has worked for us very well in the past.”, Mr. N, South Carolina, 1/12/10

"Thank you very much for the quick posting and response.”  Ms. M, by email, 11/29/09

“This looks excellent – thank you. . . Thank you for the great service you provide to the profession.”  Ms. B, Florida, 9/2/09


This is awesome.”  Mr. L, Canada, 8/7/09


“One of our Web sites, which is where we house the medical conferences that we advertise on Pathology Outlines gets quite a lot of traffic from you – 40% of our traffic is from you, in fact! This small site does not receive any other advertising as it is intended to be very academic. So we are getting a lot of new eyes seeing it thanks to your site. "  Ms. D, by email, 6/3/09


“Thank you for posting our ad so quickly.”  Ms. C, Spain, 4/13/09


“We get most of our conference attendees from PathologyOutlines.”  Dr. M, Michigan, 3/8/09


“Thank you for your quick service.”  Ms. K, Austria, 2/10/09


“PathologyOutlines.com has been a lifesaver for us to promote conferences”, Cyndee Holden, ARUP Laboratories, 8/6/08


“Thank you for posting the materials so swiftly! . . . The posting is very attractive! Thank you.”  Dr. S, by email, 3/6/08


“It looks awesome!  Thank you so much.”  Ms. W, Kentucky, 2/27/08


“Thank you for your prompt and excellent service!”  Ms. K, by email, 1/10/08


“I have referred several colleagues to you who advertised courses on Pathology Outlines and they have been very happy with the results.”  Dr. S, by email, 11/26/07


“It seems that advertising our [conference] in Pathology Outlines has worked very well.  A pretty good number of people have registered for the meeting, at the point that we have had to look up for a more capable conference room!  We have received registrations from as far places as Canada, United States, Australia, South Africa, Middle East.”  by email, 11/5/07


“Thank you so much.  The ad looks great and I appreciate you bringing this opportunity to my attention.”  Ms. E, Florida, 10/25/07


“Most of our attendees heard about our conference through PathologyOutlines.com.” Ms. C, 10/16/07


“What a super service! Such a fast response! Thanks.”  Ms. H, Florida, 9/21/07


“Thank you so much for getting the information on your website so quickly!  It looks great.”  Ms. S, by email, 9/13/07


“The ad looks good – thank you for being so quick.”  Ms. M, by email, 4/9/07


“I am tremendously impressed by the speed and excellence of your response to my request!”  Dr. S, by email, 3/6/07


“We assume the 2000+ responses are the result [of our ad]”.  Texas, 9/1/06 (response to survey)


“Your website is widely known, so a few of my colleagues recommended that we advertise on it.  I also have personal knowledge of the site.  I check it out as often as I can.”  Dr. Y, by email, 6/21/06


“Thanks so much.  Your service is super!”  Dr. H, Florida, 6/15/06


“Your site is a wonderful reference.  I love the meeting section.”  Dr. W, Texas, 6/13/06


“Love the one-to-one service.  [we advertised] last year & will again next year!  Keep up the great S-E-R-V-I-C-E”, response to survey, 3/23/06


“No improvement needed!  I love the PathologyOutlines.com website”, response to survey, 3/23/06


“Your section on pathology conferences on your website is one of the best services offered on the Internet.  It’s my only resource for CME.” 2/28/06, Dr. William Mims


"I've booked my last 4 conferences through your website."  2/13/06, Dr. David S. Brenner, Delaware


“I definitely think that our department will use PathologyOutlines for all our future advertisements”, Ms. W, Kentucky, 1/25/06


 “PSA had a excellent turnout at our meeting last week and we think it was in part due to our advertisement on PathologyOutlines.", Kelli McGregor, PSA, May 2005


For more information, contact Nat Pernick at 248/646-0325, NatPernick@Hotmail.com.  To place an ad, simply email us the text and graphics.  We will format it, and post within one business day.