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Testimonials regarding PathologyOutlines.com

"I am one of the biggest fans of your page. Well done." Dr. M, 23 January 2015

"I love the new website look! It's also much easier to navigate. Thanks a lot for the great work you and the team are doing." Dr. W, 18 December 2014

"Your site has become the virtual AFIP..." Dr. M, 12 December 2014

"It has been nice working with you all these years. You have been very helpful." Ms. B, 5 December 2014

"I have been following your emails, sent to me regularly via the "Case of the Week". I find them quite interesting and wish to sincerely thank you and all the contributors for a such an informative academic feast." Dr. G, 29 September 2014

"I heard about your fellowship page from word of mouth from a number of residents and fellows who describe Pathology Outlines as the "go to" pathology website among pathology trainees." Dr. S, 22 September 2014

"We are happy with the service provided by PathologyOutlines, and we have benefited significantly from the visibility and traffic that you site provides for...our books." Mr. C, 17 September 2014

"Thanks for what you do. Those of us in the trenches appreciate it." Dr. S, 8 September 2014

"Thanks for providing us, surgical pathologists, with such good program." Dr. F, 27 August 2014

"One really appreciates the time and effort you put into making PathologyOutlines available online. It is a very valuable source of information for residents and practicing pathologists." Dr. A, 18 July 2014

"You guys do good work. Be proud." Mr. R, 10 July 2014

"I am such a big fan of your site; I think more than anything else it keeps me in the loop as far as the world of pathology is concerned. I mean we can go for months without seeing a single IHC slide! I'm pretty confident though Path Outlines will help me pull through my M.Med exams (Boards equivalent I guess) this November." Dr. Z, 14 June 2014

"Your web site is really very good and useful in routine diagnostics." Dr. V, 5 May 2014

"Thanks for all you do in this site. I find it interesting. " Dr. F, 28 April 2014

"I have used your educational website often during my many years in teaching sessions with residents and have found it very useful as a very quick reference in autopsy pathology signout." Dr. D, 27 March 2014

"It's easy to look at the website. When looking for information I need on an entity quickly, your website is always the first place I go." Dr. L, 19 March 2014

"I use pathology outlines often and really appreciate having it as a resource. Thanks so much for such a great website!" Dr. J, 28 February 2014

"I like the web site and visit frequently for info on conferences and pathology questions." Dr. A, 19 February 2014

"I really enjoy using PathologyOutlines.com. It's a great resource I've used throughout my residency." Dr. B, 16 February 2014

"You know I like your site but Case of the Week is definitely the highlight!" Dr. S, 12 February 2014

"I really like your summaries of the CD information, very useful." Mr. Z, 21 January 2014, China

"I really appreciate all that you guys do to make PathologyOutlines a great resource for all of us" Dr. S, 3 December 2013, Ohio

"Thank you for the interesting informative cases." 2 December 2013, by email

"Thank you for having a great pathology educational website. Pathologyoutlines had been of great help for my board examinations. The website is always helpful and filled with practical information." Dr. R, 19 November 2013, by email

"I really like consulting your website very frequently and find it very very helpful to me during my daily practice." Dr. K, 25 October 2013, Georgia

"Thanks again for an excellent site. Use it daily, all the time." Dr. S, 16 October 2013, by email

"Thank you for your website. It's a fantastic site for us pathologists. We've met few times at USCAP and I'm always happy with the clever new features you are adding." Dr. K, 30 September 2013, by email

"I wanted to again thank you for all of your time and effort with getting us up and advertising on pathologyoutlines.com. You have been great!" Mr. H, 20 September 2013, by email

"BTW, I have your site open all day long and consult it frequently" Dr. K, 13 September 2013, by email

"Great effort! I remain grateful to you guys." Mr. C, 6 June 2013, by email

"I am a pathologist at a community hospital in Nebraska and I just wanted to let you know that your site is such a valuable tool to me and my partners on a very regular basis. It is great for the unusual cases as well as the usual (those things that I know that I used to know)." Dr. W, 31 May 2013, by email

"You are doing great work and at our practice we often comment, 'let's check it at the outlines!'" Dr. A, 14 April 2013, by email

"If you are a pathologist, you should be friends with this page." Dr. H, 4 March 2013, by email

"I think Pathology Outlines is a terrific web site." Dr. C, 11 February 2013, by email

"Thanks for the great work with pathologyoutlines.com!" Dr. A, 26 December 2012, by email

"This website helped me become much more knowledgable so that I am confident that I am working with accuracy. I would recommend all other IMGs to study at least one case a day from this website." Mr. Z, 20 December 2012, by email

"My favourite site! Keep up the good work!" Mr. N, 13 December 2012, by email

"Thank you very much for providing an opportunity to give something back to you. I appreciate your website and use it with regularity." Dr. D, 10 December 2012, by email

"Thanks for all the work you put into this great site." Dr. S, 10 December 2012, by email

"Love your website! I am 3 years out of residency and practicing pathology at a VA hospital in ..., FL. I enjoy using your website to help me with my differential and to broaden my thoughts on challenging cases. I also used it to focus my studies with board exams. Wonderful!" Dr. W, 15 November 2012, by email

"The web site is a wonderful resource and the top site for me in search pathology info. Thank you for your brilliant work!" Dr. Z, 12 November 2012, by email

"I sent you an email a couple of years ago thanking you for this website and saying how invaluable it has been to the pathology world. EVERYONE here in obscure ..., Texas, uses it (I get a stare of incredulity when I ask someone - as, "of course I use it!"). Since then I have received emails from the Detroit site - very worthy - and that says you don't receive a lot of feedback of that sort - besides that you are an altruist!

And that's just the way it is! Your benefactors are slow to acknowledge the gift you have given them! Human nature! But you do it anyway! But - you must know we are out here and that you have without doubt improved the skills of all of us and been an integral part of better care for thousands of our patients." Dr. R, 5 November 2012, by email

"First off I would like to tell you how much I love your site. Any and all information I need I can always find here!" Ms. W, 27 September 2012, by email

"I work at ... Hospital in ... and all the pathologists and residents use your website like the bible!" Ms. Q, 8 August 2012, by email

"I don't know HOW you do it! I make a request (to add the NapsinA Stain), and the next night it's a complete topic! This is an excellent article, and so enlightening about the pitfall of Type 2 alveolar cells that I wasn't aware of. The references are great. Terrific job. Thanks so much for this great resource you give us that is PathologyOutlines!" Dr. Lee Henderson, 27 June 2012, by email

"Thank you for all your efforts to make such a great website. I use your website almost daily at work." Dr. B, 20 March 2012, by email

"I hope you appreciate how great a service you are doing for me . . . my thanks and appreciations." Dr. C, 7 February 2012, by email

"May God continue to bless you and the whole Pathology Outlines team." Dr. H, 28 January 2012, by email

"I am using PathologyOutlines.com often as a reference in my small rural hospital pathology practice. Thank you very much for providing the wonderful and updated online Pathology information." Dr. S, 11 January 2012, Pennsylvania

"I should tell you that PathologyOutlines is my best friend at work. I finished training in 20xx and joined an [older] solo pathologist until he retired xx years ago. There was a bit of a communication/generation gap between us so in reality, I have always been alone. It has been extremely difficult and I would not recommend doing what I did to anyone. Your website has been a lifesaver. I am on it every day, multiple times a day, and I feel like I know it like the back of my hand. I get excited when pages get updates, I know which links don't work, I always look forward to the Management page contributions that Mick does, and open every new job and case of the week email that you send.

It's actually a little embarrassing how much I rely on it, I'm kind of compulsive about checking and double checking what Outlines says. But I'm alone, I guess it comes with the territory. I hope that knowing that you are helping a solo pathologist in a little town in Ohio every day blesses you and possibly makes the time and probable aggravation that I'm sure you deal with a little more tolerable." Dr. K, 16 December 2011, Ohio

"Thanks for the quick reply. I do love your cases." Dr. I, 16 December 2011, by email

"I use you every single day at work - I can't even begin to thank you for what a huge help your site is!" Dr. S, 15 December 2011, Facebook

"Thank for your "Case of the Week". I get invaluable knowledge in pathology from it." Dr. S, 18 November 2011, by email

"I want to thank you for producing your website PathologOutlines.com. It is a very informative resource that I use often. In particular, I find it quite useful for the compilation of the numerous CD markers. These are outside my area of expertise and I have trouble keeping track of changes in this field." Dr. C, 1 December 2011, New York

"I'm a long-time fan of your site (I benefited from it while I was a resident, and also during my hematopathology and molecular diagnostics fellowships). Thanks for offering this free service - you've done a lot of good for a lot of residents (and pathologists)." Dr. K, 18 August 2011, by email

"You are amazing, how quickly you make improvements in the site! Thanks for all your hard work." Dr. H, 7 August 2011, by email

"Congratulations on providing Pathologyoutlines resource free on the web! Very useful site-frequently use it!", Dr. R, 15 June 2011, by email

"I know you are trying to help and try to get us the most bang for our buck, and I really appreciate that (not many people go out of their way to help like you do)." Dr. Y (advertiser), 27 May 2011

"I cannot recall how I first heard about your site. Everyone in the field knows about it, thanks to the fact that Nat is sensitive to user needs and is not driven by some strange top-down philosophy." Dr. V, 26 May 2011, Michigan

"Thank you for all your work on these most interesting cases." Dr. I, 30 March 2011, by email

"I love the website and use it frequently to look up additional images or quickly review pertinent features of pathologic entities." Dr. W, 29 March 2011, Michigan

"Thank you for the series of medical cases you are presenting, and for your concise and high-levelled website." Dr. L, 27 March 2011, by email

"I am really happy I found your website!" Dr. B, 27 March 2011, Germany

"Thank u soo much for the cases I truly enjoy them!!" Dr. C, 26 March 2011, by email

"This site is unique and excellent, please Keep it going." Dr. G, 25 March 2011, by email

"Your site gets bigger and better every month. Impressive." Dr. O, 2 February 2011, New Zealand

"This is the best pathology site out there and I use a lot of them at different times." Dr. B, 31 January 2011, by email

"Really appreciate the pathologyoutlines website. Very useful." - Dr. T, 24 November 2010, by email

"You helped me make a diagnosis of primary renal synovial sarcoma" - Dr. Valdes, 29 September 2010, Texas

"I use Pathologyoutlines on a regular basis and find it very useful." - Ms. B, 4 September 2010, via email

"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I admire your excellent work, the excellent web site Pathology Outlines, and also thank you for all you do for pathologists." - Dr. M, 27 August 2010, via email

"Still the best free pathology guide ever." - Mr. C, 10 August 2010, via Facebook

"Thank you for the excellence on your site. Thank you also for the excellence of your assistance with us, pathologists of the whole world, your site's users. We all love you because you make our lives easier." Dr. G, 12 June 2010, by email

"You're doing great work, Nat, and we appreciate it." Dr. S, 11 June 2010, by email

"I use this site more than any other." Dr. B, 11 June 2010, by email

"Thanks for such an awesome site." Dr. B, 8 June 2010, by email.


"Your site keeps getting better and better." Dr. D, 13 April 2010, by email


"Thanks for your help and I hear nothing but rave reviews about your website." Dr. V, 23 March 2010, Louisiana.


"I deeply appreciate your website." Dr. L, 17 March 2010, by email


"I just wanted to give you a big thank you for the work you put into the website. It is a great reference tool." Dr. T, 17 March 2010, by email


"Your material is excellent!" Dr. H, 5 March 2010, Washington D.C.


"I like PathologyOutlines.com very much and use it all the time."  Dr. W, 22 February 2010, Nebraska


"Your site is fantastic! I am just about to finish my residency and have been using Path Outlines on a daily basis since the first week of my first year. I honestly don't know what I would do without it."  Dr. Z, 11 February 2010, Tennessee

"Thank you for keeping such a valuable resource free for all to use." Dr. S, 20 January 2010, Maryland

"Your site is the best!"  Dr. K, 2 December 2009, by email


"I really appreciate the amount of work and effort you have put into your website and I am really grateful for your resources." Dr. I, 20 Nov 2009, by email


 "Thank you - you guys do a great job with the website - the residents here at the Dept of Pathology love it!", Ms. M, 3 Nov 2009, North Carolina


"I will continue to contribute many high quality pictures to PathologyOutlines.com, the website I like most for my pathology practice."  Dr. C. 24 September 2009, Los Angeles, CA


"Congratulations for your successful work in pathologyoutlines.com and I appreciate your support to my education in pathology."  Dr A, 24 July 2009, by email


"I love your site, my residents and I use it daily."  Dr. W, 2 July 2009, Wisconsin


"I have been a regular reader of Pathology Outlines and it has helped me during my review in the diplomate exams as well as in my diagnosis of cases in the institutions I am in."  Dr. D, 30 June 2009, Philippines


"I really like the format update.  I use the site EVERY day. "  Dr. K, 30 June 2009, Ohio


"This week's cow [Case of the Week] was fantastic. As always, I really enjoy your web site."  Dr. G, 26 June 2009, by email


"Just want to let you know that "Pathology Outlines" is an excellent, reliable resource for a practicing pathologist.  I depend on it for up to date information on unusual cases, references, ancillary studies, etc.  I can't say enough about how valuable this resource is for day to day service work in Pathology.  Keep up the good work!!  I am a huge fan."  25 June 2009, Dr. Okonkwo, Chicago, Illinois


 "Your new format is great."  Dr. S, 13 June 2009, by email


"A great free website, if it was a book, it definitely was going to be worn out by me because of extensive usage during my daily activity."  Dr. A, 12 June 2009, Saudi Arabia


"I just completed and passed my Fellowship exams. Got to say that www.pathologyoutlines.com contributed immensely to my knowledge and wealth of information that allowed me to sail through the exams. I can say most of the stuff in the exams were covered in the website except perhaps for nerves and muscle non-tumour pathology. I'm sure the utility of web based pathology resources will grow to replace standard textbooks in the future and your outlined version is a cracker!"  Dr. K, 17 May 2009, South Africa


"Best compliments for Your exceptional web site!!

I find it an extremely useful tool for the general pathologist working every day in the "trenches".  Dr. B, 13 May 2009, Italy


"I want first to congratulate you for continuous progress and improvements that you make in the website. It's just getting better and better."  Dr. S, 11 May 2009, Michigan


"Had a case and your site was (as always) a great help."  Dr. B, 4 May 2009, by email


"Best site for pathology since the invention of the microscope."  Dr. Z, 20 April 2009, New Jersey


"Overall, love your site, and use it often."  Dr. L, 20 April 2009, by email


"Great website. I also have recommended P.O. to other specialists as a quick and up-to-date reference"  Dr. P, 19 April 2009, by email


"I appreciate all the hard work you do to keep Pathology Outlines so strong."  Dr. H, 17 April 2009, by email


"First of all, thank you SO much for your wonderful website!  I saw it the first time last week and found it very helpful and educational.  I have told several colleagues about your website, and they felt the same way..." DR. T, 15 April 2009, by email


"They [these chapters] are very useful to me, as are the various other chapters on your site.  I appreciate the Pathology Outlines website so much -  it is excellent and is usually the first source I turn to for current information on a daily basis."  Dr. H, 14 April 2009, Minnesota


"Pathology Outlines is an excellent resource for me and I share with the students as well.  The hope is that all will use the web info to supplement lecture and reading material.  Thanks to you and all others who work so diligently to create and maintain a valuable source."  Dr. L, 14 April 2009, by email


"I went online after emailing you and everything was fast and efficient and it remains an excellent site for residents and students…even for old faculty that are interested in looking at a new position."  Dr. F, 14 April 2009, by email


"Your website is very popular with practicing pathologists. Keep up the good work."  Dr. P, 13 April 2009, by email


"Thanks for all the help you provide to pathologist like me. I don't know how I managed before."  Dr. S, 13 April 2009, by email


"Appreciate all info at your site, very helpful; recently showed 69 y/o colleague how to use and he loves it too!"  Dr. Y, 13 April 2009,  Illinois


"Thank you for the most useful resource on the web."  Dr. G, 12 April 2009, by email


"The best that's ever been created."  Dr. C. Mohila, 10 March 2009, New Hampshire


"Thanks again for the invaluable service that PathologyOutlines provides us."  Dr. H, 5 March 2009, by email


"Congrats on your website, it is very comprehensive!"  Dr. R, 5 March 2009, by email


"I only recently heard about your site and was wondering how to get access.  It's a relief the site is for free."  4 March 2009, by email


"This case [of the week] was perfect for me at this time."  Dr. T, 20 February 2009, by email


"Thanks for maintaining a wonderful web-site - "help site".  Dr. C, 21 January 2009, by email


"Thank you again for all you hard work and time doing your interesting and useful site."  Dr. C, 15 January 2009, United Kingdom


"First of all, thank you for pathologyoutlines.com.  During the day I have it up for ready reference pretty much all the time."  Dr. S, 23 December 2008, by email


"We are learning a lot form your site and the case of the week too."  Dr. G, 14 December 2008, Mangalore, India


"Thank you for your website. I use it quite frequently.  It is great."  Dr. T, 1 December 2008, by email


"By the way, it is a very attractive and useful site."  Dr. N, 26 November 2008, South Carolina


"I love the site. Keep up the good work."  Dr. D, 24 November 2008, by email


"Just a quick note to say what a fantastic and useful site you provide.  Thanks for all your efforts!"  Dr. G, 23 November 2008, by email


"Nice site, thanks for information!" 11 November 2008, response to survey


"Thanks for your hard work in making such a wonderful web site."  Dr. S, 29 October 2008, by email


"Thank you [for sending Case of the Week].   Again - you are a great boon to the profession."  Dr. R, 8 October 2008, by email


"Thanks for taking your time to provide such a useful service!"  Dr. T, 12 September 2008, by email


"Thanks for everything, I really appreciate your amazing website."  Dr. R., 11 September 2008, by email


"I would like to thank you for your pathologyoutlines.com free site.  I am a student of medicine, and to someone like me who can't afford expensive journal access, your site is a gift!"  Dr. S, India, 30 August 2008, by email


"I really appreciate your website and refer to it frequently.  It was especially helpful to me when I was working solo in an expanded (compared to what I had been doing) workload situation as a locum. I am excited by the new dermatology outlines too."  Dr. S, 17 August 2008, by email


"I regularly refer to your website, and have found it very useful in my day to day sign out of cases."  Dr. R, 17 July 2008, Pakistan


 "You have a great website and it has been very useful to me throughout my studies."  Mr. R, by email, 17 June 2008


"You are a great boon to the profession.  The site is a primary resource for every pathologist."  Dr. R, by email, 30 May 2008


"Thanks.  Another great and instructive case (Case of the Week)."  by email, 15 May 2008


"Keep up the good work on your amazing and so helpful site", Dr. C, Israel, 14 May 2008


"Your web site is the best !!!!!"  Dr. G, Minnesota, 14 May 2008


"... this is a great site which I use everyday when signing-out."  by email, 23 April 2008


"This website is fantastic!  It is nearly always my first resource!!!"  by email, 22 April 2008


"Many thanks for the phenomenal site--I know many people for whom outlines is an invaluable resource."  Dr. A, by email, 22 April 2008


"excellent practical pathology site which is very useful during daily signout of cases."  by email, 21 April 2008


"Keep up the good work! This is without any doubt the best overall pathology website online!"  Dr. H, Belgium, 20 April 2008


"a nice site to visit."  by email, 19 April 2008


"I use your website almost everyday ... it is a very good and useful website indeed."  Dr. A, by email, 18 April 2008


"This is an excellent website.  Please keep up this excellent service to our specialty.  Thank you for all your hard work.  It is greatly appreciated"   Response to survey, 16 April 2008


"love the site. very useful. thank you." by email, 12 April 2008


 "It's a very good website of complete pathology including the newer diagnostic and prognostic pathology areas, concise, and good for career opportunities."  Dr. J, by email, 11 April 2008


"Outstanding resource. Keep up the good work."  by email, 10 April 2008


"This is a great online resource. Keep it up!"  Dr. L, by email, 8 April 2008


"Great resource."  Dr. R, by email, 8 April 2008


"I really love your website a lot and have told many of my colleagues about it!"  by email, 3 April 2008


"What a great service and website!"  Dr. C, by email, 1 April 2008


"Thank you - and thank you even more for your site.  I refer to it frequently and the references are very useful."  Dr. C, by email, 31 March 2008


"Your website is the most popular one for pathologists."  Dr. Y, by email, 31 March 2008


"Have enjoyed your site.  I am a frequent visitor."  survey response, 28 March 2008


"a very helpful updated website."  by email, 10 March 2008


"This is a great service."  by email, 9 March 2008


"I love pathology outlines and use it almost every day as a quick reference."  by email, 7 March 2008


"PO is a very useful support for me as a Russian pathologist in a third generation.  I'm the head of the pathology dept of the regional oncologic hospital since 1989."  by email, 5 March 2008


"excellent website for both pathologists and clinicians", by email, 4 March 2008


"good website, thanks!"  by email, 3 March 2008


"Pathology Outlines is one of the best pathology references in the Internet."  by email, 29 February 2008


"Great case studies!"  by email, 26 February 2008


"I use your textbook every day and on everything.  Thank you."  Dr. R, by email, 26 February 2008


"I really enjoy your website. Keep up the good work!", by email, 26 February 2008


"A great idea, mainly because I often just need a quick reminder of criteria for something, a quick differential list, or a quick description."  by email, 21 February 2008


"You are "prima classe", Dr. Pernick. Your site has the best medical level and a wonderful academic standard." Dr. L, by email, 18 February 2008


"Just to thank you very much for this web site."  Dr. Y, United Arab Emirates, 3 February 2008


"I use your site often as a quick reference / link to materials, and enjoy the weekly cases."  Dr. G, by email, 18 January 2008


"I use Pathologyoutlines.com every day -- it's a vital adjunct to my studying.  Keep up the good work!"  Dr. M, Canada, 14 January 2008


"You are doing a great job with your website!  Dr. D, by email, 7 January 2008


"I love the information your site provides.  It is extremely well organized, in a concise, easily referenced manner."  Ms. C, by email, 19 December 2007


"I really appreciate this site.  It is a great resource."  Dr. L, Texas, 17 December 2007


"This is a very nice and useful website to our daily pathology practicing",  Dr. H, Brazil, 17 December 2007


"Once again, thank you for doing such a tremendous job on your website."  Dr. M, Florida, 10 December 2007


"This is the best resource I use in daily practice, we love it.  I found my job by this web site, I am really grateful to this web page."  Dr. G, by email, 12 November 2007


"I am a frequent user of your web site and find it much more useful than most textbooks I have.  I have been practicing for 30 years in the field of pathology."  Dr. M, by email, 2 November 2007


"I think this website is terrific, and I'm so happy that it has remained a free resource."  Response to online survey, 30 October 2007


"I enjoy your site and the program very much"  Dr. C, by email, 23 October 2007


"We'd be dead in the water without you guys", Dr. Richard Keene, Texas, 20 October 2007


"Your web site continues to be invaluable in my daily teaching of pathology residents."  Dr. H, by email, 15 October 2007


"I need some background of information for a presentation and I had forgotten what a valuable resource you have available."  Dr. A, by email, 10 October 2007


"Thanks for such a great resource; I use the site often when previewing slides."  Dr. G, by email, 5 October 2007


"PathologyOutlines.com is my bible!"  Dr. Rodelio Guintu, Cedar Sinai Medical Center, California, 30 September 2007


"Thank you for providing the most useful pathology website on the internet.  I am a daily visitor and am constantly impressed by the website's range of entities and depth of knowledge."  Dr. M, Massachusetts, 21 September 2007


"Thank you for a great site!"  Dr. C, North Carolina, 13 September 2007


"These cases are just great. Our thanks to you."  Dr. R, by email, 12 September 2007


"I use this website almost every day, great site."  by email, 5 September 2007


"Thanks for providing such a great service to all of us".  Dr. G, by email, 23 August 2007


"The site keeps getting better and better!"  Dr. H, by email, 18 August 2007


"Thanks for responding quickly.  As I mentioned before, you have started a phenomenon in the field of pathology. Most often we visit your site first and then if needed would look into the text books."  Dr. S, New Jersey, 9 August 2007


"Thanks again for Pathology Outlines--I use it several times a day."  Dr. H, by email, 21 May 2007


 "I am a ... pathologist that uses your site on a daily basis; I think it is one of the best pathology information sites. I also like it for the updates on conferences, jobs available and so on."  Dr. P, by email, 27 April 2007


"This website is a fantastic resource!  Thank you very much for all the time and effort you have invested to create/maintain it."  Dr. U, by email, 26 April 2007


"I love your website and I use it almost every day. Very good work!"  Dr. A, by email, 16 April 2007


"It's a great site and I use it every day."  Dr. B, by email, 12 April 2007


"I have gone to the site with a diagnostic question and it always answers my question."  Dr. Gabriel Levi, Beth Israel, Monticello, New York, 26 March 2007


"Thank you for your very good and informative website."  Mr. M, by email, 24 March 2007


 "Thank you for enhancing the speed by which your site can be navigated. It is a great site!"  Dr. F, by email, 20 March 2007


"I am a keen follower and an admirer of your website and your efforts."  Dr. B, Saudi Arabia, 22 February 2007


"I have used your Web to help ‘keep up' and to get a quick answer without having to go to my library.  I especially like the references that are included."  Dr. L, by email, 20 February 2007


"Well done on developing a website that is virtually all inclusive and provides a good service to pathologists.  I have been using it for at least a couple of years."  Dr. N, California, 15 January 2007


"Your efforts no doubts underlie the reason many people such as myself have found pathologyoutlines a wonderful site for a lot of our daily needs as busy pathologists."  Dr. O, by email, 11 January 2007


"Your webpage is great!  It is easy to navigate, useful, has everything that anyone in the field would use…nice work!!!  Ms. J, by email, 11 January 2007


"I am a regular visitor of your site since a few months and I feel it is one of the best pathology websites."  Dr. S, by email, 8 January 2007


"This site provides comprehensive knowledge in the field of pathology. So keep it up."  Dr. G, by email, 16 December 2006


"I appreciate all your hard work on the website. A great service for pathologists."  Dr. F, Florida, 14 December 2006


"I really appreciate the effort made by you and your team to make this site exceptionally useful for upcoming pathologists."  Dr. D, India, 20 October 2006


"Maybe you get emails like this all the time, but I doubt it. You deserve it, though.  Your PathologyOutlines website is a joy for me, and I am quite grateful that you keep it so well and so up-to-date.  As a practicing pathologist, it is one of my favorites whenever I am puzzled by a case or looking for additional information."  Dr. E, Maine, 10 October 2006


"I really appreciate your website, it's a great resource that I use daily."  Dr. H, by email, 4 October 2006


"I commend you on this tremendous effort and service to pathologists."  Maryland, 30 August 2006 (response to survey)


"I look forward to visiting your booth and personally thanking your team for their commendable work.  www.pathologyoutline.com is truly a magnificent textbook and resource for any anatomic pathologist - it makes excellent reading and search for knowledge in a very easy format that has really improved my efficiency in acquiring sound knowledge in pathology.  My colleagues at the department are all hooked on to it now.  Keep up the good work!  I can hardly wait for you to put up the 'future topics' a.s.a.p."  Dr. K, South Africa, 23 August 2006


"My colleagues and I refer to pathologyoutlines.com often and find it very helpful."  Dr. M, California, 22 August 2006


"I like your website and use it often and I appreciate your hard work in keeping it up."  Dr. L, by email, 22 August 2006


"I appreciate your concern and would like to congratulate you for your tremendous efforts.  The website is fabulous!!"  Dr. K, by email, 18 August 2006


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