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Testimonials regarding the effectiveness of the Jobs page:

"Thank you so much for the speediness of getting our ad online." Ms. J, 26 January 2015

"Thanks Joy, always so easy to do business with you guys." Ms. C, 23 January 2015

"Yes, we have had a very good response to the ad." Ms. F., Louisiana, 13 January 2015

"The ad looks great. As always, it is a pleasure working with you and Dr. Pernick." Ms. G., Mississippi, 8 January 2015

"Thank you, we had a great response and will continue to use your website as needs surface in the future." Ms. R., Oregon, 5 January 2015

"I am pleased to inform you that we have filled the position, and would like you to remove the ad. I must say that it generated a lot of responses, and appears to be the "go-to" site for pathology job postings. Thanks to all concerned for the efficiency of the process." Dr. H., Michigan, 18 December 2014

"Yes, we had a good response. Greatly appreciate your service." Ms. S, California, 9 December 2014

"Our main pathologist says this is the only site that a pathology job should be posted on!" Ms. J, Indiana, 20 November 2014

"Thank you, Joy. The ad looks good and we have already gotten an application for this position from it. Thank you for all your help with our position advertising." Ms. S, Oklahoma, 20 November 2014

"It is such a pleasure working together – thank you so much for your quick help!!" Ms. G, New Jersey, 20 November 2014

"Thank you for the quick turnaround!" Ms. O, California, 18 November 2014

"Thanks for helping us attract candidates. We have filled our position here..." Dr. K, Colorado, 12 November 2014

"Thanks, as always, for your quick work!" Ms. V, New York, 7 November 2014

"We now have almost 80 applicants for our position. I must say that we got our money's worth!" Mr. P, Florida, 3 November 2014

"Thanks for quickly posting the ad. We are certainly getting numerous responses." Mr. R, California, 3 November 2014

"Thanks for the quick posting. I love dealing with Path Outlines!" Ms. B, Maryland, 16 October 2014

"Thank you very much, Dr. Pernick. Appreciate the quick response and posting." Ms. O, Hawaii, 29 September 2014

"We have filled the position, and appreciate the visibility and response we are receiving." Ms. M, Texas, 25 September 2014

"We did have an excellent response, and thanks so much." Ms. S, Florida, 18 September 2014

"I received 7x the response from you than other job sites." Dr. P.V., Michigan, 8 September 2014

"We have received responses from many qualified candidates and are in the process of interviewing and hiring. Thank you very much for all of your help!" Ms. V, California, 9 September 2014

"The ad is perfect. In the past year, the ad has produced many excellent CVs which have produced some great additions to our team." Ms. F, Louisiana, 28 August 2014

"I have been very pleased with your service before and am glad to be able to use it again." Dr. B, New Jersey, 28 August 2014

"We have filled the positions. We were very pleased with the responses we received." Ms. R, Delaware, 28 July 2014

"I’ve received a number of candidates through my ad on PathologyOutlines.com and we are currently interviewing. I sincerely appreciate your services...I wish all specialties had a site like yours." Ms. M, Illinois, 14 July 2014

"We are happy to let you know that we recruited a wonderful physician for this position." Ms. R, Maryland, 3 July 2014

"Thank you for posting the ad. I am impressed by the response thus far." Dr. H, California, 24 June 2014

"Wonderful, thank you! We’ve had excellent responses from your website." Ms. M, Texas, 23 June 2014

"Thank you for your help. We had a very good response from the ad." Dr. W, Michigan, 23 June 2014

"We have had an overwhelming response to the advertisement and would like to stop running the ad effective Friday, May 30th, if possible. Thank you for helping us achieve such great results so quickly!" Ms. L, Indiana, 28 May 2014

"We currently have 2 ads posted on your website. Thank you for the great responses!" Ms. M, Texas, 21 May 2014

"We received a great response and are in the process of interviewing and hiring." Ms. V, California, 13 May 2014

"We have had an overwhelming response to the ad..." Ms. P, Washington, 20 May 2014

"The amount of applications received in less than a month is massive!!! " Ms. R, Maryland, 9 May 2014

"Your website is wonderful." Dr. P, Florida, 8 May 2014

"Pathology Outlines is a great service to pathologists." Dr. J, Washington, 8 May 2014

"Once again thank you for helping me. You have been very helpful!" Dr. A, New Mexico, 7 May 2014

"Had a great response, with nearly 100 replies." Dr. D, Michigan, 4 May 2014

"Thank you so much – I wish everything were this easy." Ms. H, Massachusetts, 2 May 2014

"Dr. S is getting a great response on the pathologist ad we placed." Ms. J, Florida, 22 April 2014

"Thank you for getting it published so quickly. We are already getting responses." Ms. V, California, 7 April 2014

"We had a very good response to the ad. Our new hire found our position on your site." Dr. E, Michigan, 4 April 2014

"We did receive a good response, and have filled the position." Ms. D, Pennsylvania, 3 April 2014

"The response has been good. Thank you again for your help with this recruit." Ms. R, Washington, 3 April 2014

"We had a great response to the job posting." Ms. J, Texas, 3 April 2014

"We have had a good response through Pathology Outlines" Ms. V, California, 19 March 2014

"Thank you again for your assistance in helping us secure an excellent candidate!" Ms. M, Nevada, 7 March 2014

"We received a lot of good applicants." Ms. V, Canada, 17 February 2014

"We have had incredible response to the ad and will definitely post future positions with Pathology Outlines!" Ms. E, Texas, 6 February 2014

"Wowee, Joy, you give us such great service. What a pleasure it is to deal with you. Keep up the wonderful work. " Ms. A, Ontario, 6 February 2014

"We had an excellent response." Ms. R, Massachusetts, 4 February 2014

"I already received several good resumes." Mr. N, New Jersey, 27 January 2014

"The ad we placed in Pathology Outlines has been successful. " Ms. H, Illinois, 15 January 2014

"I am pleased to inform you that our __ position has been filled now. *** If there's any need of recruiting for other positions, we'll definitely contact you. " Ms. K, California, 9 January 2014

"We have had tremendous response to the GI/GU ad. " Ms. M, Nevada, 11 December 2013

"I personally thank you for your great help and prompt attention over the years re our many requests. " Ms. A, Ontario, 9 December 2013

"We have used the site 2 other times before with great success. " Mr. T, Ohio, 4 December 2013

"Pathology Outlines worked great and we received great candidates." Ms. D, Washington, 22 November 2013

"Thank you both for the quick service, as always!" Ms. M, California, 13 November 2013

"Thank you very much for your email and services, all has been wonderful." Mr. R, Virginia, 2 October 2013

"Your site is the singular best website in Pathology for job searches". Dr. C, Georgia, 19 September 2013

"We got a lot of applicants." Dr. W, 16 September 2013, Oregon

"The position has been filled and the candidate came from your posting." Mr. K, 26 August 2013, California

"Response was great. Thanks for your assistance." Ms. B, 14 August 2013, Pennsylvania

"Thank you. It's always nice to work with you." Ms. S, 9 August 2013, North Dakota

"We received a great response. We were able to fill the position." Dr. T, 30 July 2013, Ohio

"We completed the other opening, finding a wonderful applicant from the Ad placed on PathologyOutlines!" Ms. M, 30 July 2013, Nevada

"The response we got was much better than good; it was EXCELLENT! Thank you." Ms. M, 22 July 2013, Nevada

"I certainly got my money's worth and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and help. Love your Pathology Outlines enterprise and congratulate you on its success. Keep it up." Dr. C, 29 June 2013, Missouri

"Your customer service is great! Thanks!" Ms. B, 21 June 2013, Washington

"Thank you so much for your prompt response. I appreciate it." Ms. K, 30 May 2013, California

"As always, we respect our working relationship as you have always made this a very easy process for us to post our open positions." Ms. W, 29 May 2013, New York

"We have had very good responses to all of our ads." Ms. H, 9 May 2013, Oklahoma

"We have gotten very good responses." Ms. G, 9 May 2013, New York

"We have gotten a good response from our previous recruitment on your website; we're hoping for the same responses. Once again, it will be a pleasure working with PathologyOutlines. You and your staff have provided great customer service." Ms. M, 3 May 2013, Wisconsin

"We have had a tremendous amount of response to the ad." Ms. L, 18 April 2013, Florida

"We were very successful in gathering a pool of applicants for both positions." Ms. V, 16 April 2013, Ohio

"Thank you so very much for all of your assistance with these ads. We are delighted with the quality and the service." Ms. F, 22 March 2013, Louisiana

"I had great response. The position is filled. Thank you so much." Dr. L, 18 March 2013, New Jersey

"We received excellent responses and the position(s) are filled." Ms. I, 18 March 2013, Nevada

"Thanks as always for the quick turnaround time, we have already begun receiving applicants!" Ms. M, 14 March 2013, California

"Thanks for all of your help, we had a great response!" Ms. V, 1 March 2013, New York

"Once again, we received many qualified applicants to select from and interview." Ms. P, 19 February 2013, Maryland

"We have received overwhelming response and landed a well qualified dermatopathologist. I can't thank you enough as this is a major coup for our geographic location. Thanks again." Dr. G, 18 February 2013, Pennsylvania

"I just wanted to let you know that the hematopathology job we posted has been filled. Thanks, we received excellent candidates." Ms. K, 13 February 2013, Minnesota

"We have received an overwhelming response to our ad!" Ms. P, 11 February 2013, Washington

"We had a great response to the ad for the position. We have already found enough candidates!" Ms. V, 1 February 2013, California

"We are very excited about filling our position with such a great physician. Pathology Outlines got our ad some great candidates." Ms. D, 1 February 2013, Washington

"We received great responses and our positions are filled." Ms. I, 29 January 2013, Nevada

"Well worth the money. I have 3 excellent prospects." Mr. A, 28 January 2013, Florida

"Your speed for posting is exceptional!" Mr. L, 15 January 2013, Colorado

"We received an overwhelming response, thank you." Dr. Z, 8 January 2013, Maryland

"The response was actually a bit overwhelming with a very large number of qualified candidates." Dr. S, 8 January 2013, New York

"Thank you so very much for the quick service! We appreciate it!" Ms. W, 26 December 2012, New York

"In the past year this ad has generated at least 50 applicants for this position, some of whom were very promising." Ms. S, 17 December 2012, Oklahoma

"I worked with you in October to post a faculty position in hematopathology with you and have had great response." Ms. K, 5 December 2012, Minnesota

"We received a very good response, and will definitely be using the service again should we have another need in the future." Ms. W, 29 November 2012, Kansas

"We've received an overwhelming number of responses! I could not believe the response we got: probably 200 responses! It was very effective and I am happy to recommend you because I know your site works, and I will use it again." Ms. C, 26 November 2012, New Mexico

"Well, with your help, our vacant Full Time Hematopathologist position has been filled! Thanks, as usual, for all your help." Ms. B, 7 November 2012, Maryland

"Thank you for this quick turnaround." Ms. I, 6 November 2012, New York

"Thanks so much for advertising so quickly." Ms. S, 29 October 2012, Florida

"I thought you would like to know that for the 5 ads we ran on your site, we have received many responses. I started to ask where the applicants saw the ad. Out of the last 24 applicants, 19 said Pathology Outlines. Needless to say, we will be posting our future ads with you. Thanks." Ms. B, 18 October 2012, New York

"Thank you for checking. Yes, we did fill this position. The posting was helpful. We will definitely utilize your service in the future if the need arises." Ms. O, 2 October 2012, Texas

"Yes it has been filled. Thanks to you!!! We had many many applications." Ms. V, 1 October 2012, Canada

"The ads look great and you even added our logo. Thanks very much." Ms. B, 27 September 2012, New York

"The ad looks great. We are already receiving CV’s. " Ms. V, 8 August 2012, by email

"It is so very easy to place an ad with you, and I really appreciate your assistance." Ms. S, 19 June 2012, by email

"It is such a pleasure doing business with you and Nat. Thanks bunches!" Ms. B, 2 May 2012, Maryland

"Thank you for providing us with a successful recruitment tool." Ms. W, 23 April 2012, Tennessee

"We had tremendous response to the ad!" Dr. H, 13 April 2012, by email

"We have had a tremendous response." Ms. V, 12 April 2012, Canada

"We had a wonderful response and in fact we were successful hiring a wonderful candidate for another position which was advertised with Pathology Outlines." L, 11 April 2012, by email

"We have filled our position with a fabulous candidate thanks to our ad on PathologyOutlines.com." Dr. R, 23 March 2012, New Mexico

"The ad was a success. The position has been filled." Ms. N, 19 March 2012, Michigan

"The ads have been successful! We've hired our new staff members." Ms. L, 13 March 2012, Colorado

"We have had a wonderful response." Ms. M, 9 March 2012, by email

"The response was overwhelming and we won't hesitate to advertise with Outlines again when we need additional staff." Dr. D, 9 March 2012, by email

"We continue to get a good response." Ms. S, 8 March 2012, Canada

"We have had a good response." Dr. B, by email, 8 March 2012

"We have filled the position –had an EXCELLENT response!!!" Ms. M, 8 March 2012, by email

"We did have a very good response to the ad and the position has been filled." Ms. S, 8 March 2012, by email

"Yes, we have been very successful and I was going to contact you to let you know that the position has now been filled. * * * Thank you for your help!" Ms. H, 8 March 2012, Oklahoma

"We did get many responses. The position is filled. Thank you very much. I would use your service again in the future if the need arose." Ms. S, 8 March 2012, by email

"We did get many responses. The position is filled. Thank you very much. I would use your service again in the future if the need arose." Ms. L, 8 March 2012, by email

"The response to our ad was fantastic, thank you." Ms. H, 21 February 2012, Oklahoma

"The response has been overwhelming." Dr. L, 20 February 2012, Pennsylvania

"We did have a great response to the ad." Ms. B, 25 January 2012, Massachusetts

"Thank you for getting this done in record time! We really appreciate that. Ad looks good." Ms. L, 23 January 2012, Colorado

"I filled it [the position] in 3 days." Mr. S, 10 January 2012, Washington

"We are getting a good response to the posting." Ms. J, 16 December 2011, Texas

"Both [positions] have been filled largely due to [your] ads." Ms. K, 16 December 2011, Rhode Island

"We had really good response from all 3 [ads]." Ms. J, 16 December 2011, Missouri

"We have hired a great pathologist! Thank you very much." Ms. D, 18 November 2011, Washington

"One of our pathologists uses the Pathology Outlines website quite frequently and thought advertising with you would be more fruitful than other options we have used in the past." Mr. C, 1 November 2011, California

"The # of responses passed all expectations." Dr. R, 17 October 2011, by email

"We always receive a good response from Pathology Outlines." Ms. B, 23 September 2011, Virginia

"Thank you for your prompt attention to my advertisement." Ms. M, 22 September 2011, Nevada

"Thank you for getting the ad up so fast!" Ms. B, 15 August 2011, Indiana

"We have successfully recruited a candidate for this position (thanks to your advt, I might add)." Dr. V, 7 August 2011, Michigan

"We have filled all positions with this ad and were very happy with the responses and the people that we hired." Dr. F, 15 July 2011, by email

"Thank you for posting the advertisement so quickly." Ms. S, 20 June 2011, Canada

"Thanks so much for catching those mistakes and thanks for getting this on the website so quickly. I really appreciate it." Ms. M, 4 June 2011, Canada

"I believe we have already received half a dozen inquiries, and the posting has only been live for 12 hours." Dr. V, 26 May 2011, Michigan

"We received our 1st inquiry 10 minutes after you sent this message. So I think it is working!" Mr. N, 13 May 2011, Tennessee

"Thank you and we did receive a good response. We will always use you for our pathologist recruiting needs. It is excellent!" Ms. H, 5 May 2011, Texas

"We have received an overwhelming response and have filled the position." Ms. H, 25 April 2011, Pennsylvania

"We received many CVs by using Pathology Outlines. Actually within several minutes of the ad being posted, I had received multiple responses." Mr. T, 22 April 2011, Ohio

"We have received enough candidates for 5 hospitals" Ms. K, 24 March 2011, Ohio

"We had a great response to this ad." Ms. H, 22 March 2011, Louisiana

"We look forward to a good response, as has been our experience with your ads in the past." Ms. F, 21 March 2011, California

"We were very pleased with your service." Dr. W, 20 March 2011, Michigan

"We had well over a hundred responses..." Dr. A, 17 March 2011, by email

"We had an excellent response to the ad, and have filled the position." Ms. S, 14 March 2011, Louisiana

"Thank you for your help. PathologyOutlines has been a great source for applicants for our vacancy." Ms. S, 11 March 2011, Oklahoma

"It was very successful! We have filled the position." Ms. G, 9 March 2011, by email

"We had a very good response to the ad and were able to hire a well qualified physician. Thank you for your assistance!" Ms. L, 18 February 2011, Colorado

"Your site has overwhelmed us with applicants and we feel that we can definitely fill the position with what we have collected to date." Ms. S, 27 January 2011, by email

"Please accept a large thank you on behalf of ... to PathologyOutlines.com. Your staff has been professional and very responsive and prompt. Placing an ad has been very effective, and the response immediate and terrific. Thank you for your great service to the Pathology community." Dr. J, 12 January 2011, Massachusetts

"We have had a great response to both of these ads" Ms. H, 12 January 2011, Louisiana

"We did fill the position. You guys are the best." Ms. S, 10 January 2011, by email

"The ad has been fabulous!" Dr. F, 4 January 2011, Illinois

"We have had good responses to our previous advertisements and look forward to a favorable response once again. Thank you so much for the excellent service you provide." Ms. M, 13 December 2010, Wisconsin

"We have had great success advertising with you." Ms. F, 7 December 2010, Louisiana

"We received tons of responses!" - Ms. P, 7 December 2010, by email

"You served us well and we thank you.!! We hired two terrific candidates. Thank you so much for the opportunity to advertise." Ms. F, 2 December 2010, California

"We had many applicants, three that were excellent and were all hireable, and we selected and hired one. Well worth the money." Mr. D, 17 November 2010, Iowa

"We've had a great response." Ms. J, 10 November 2010, Oregon

"We've had an impressive response." Ms. F, 22 October 2010, Oregon

"We have received great responses for our these job ads" Ms. H, 8 October 2010, Texas

"Thank you very much for this great website!"  Ms. F, 1 October 2010, California


“Yes, we certainly did receive a positive response.  So many applicants the Selection Committee is challenged to narrow it down.” – Ms. B., 13 September 2010, via email


“Thank you for your prompt response.” - Ms. S, 25 July 2010


“We were very successful in getting excellent candidates through your webpage.” - Dr. K, Abu Dhabi, 8 July 2010


"Thanks for placing the ad for us so expeditiously." – Ms. R, Texas, 24 June 2010


“We are getting a very good response on the job posting.” – Ms. H, Texas, 22 June 2010


Thanks to your website, we have filled this position.” – Dr. F, Michigan, 21 June 2010


“Your job listing site has been a success and we have filled our position.” –Dr. F, Michigan, 15 June 2010


“Please take down our most recent ad [after 14 days].  We have more than enough applications.” – Dr. M, Tennessee, 1 June 2010


“Thank you very much – appreciate your great service.” – Mr. H, Virginia, 21 May 2010


“We are getting a lot of CV’s now.” –Dr. F, New Jersey, 20 May 2010


“Your website attracted so many good applicants and we hired 3 pathologists from the ad that we placed on your site, we decided to try again.  We have an unexpected opening so we are placing another ad. “ – Dr. F, New Jersey, 18 May 2010


“Looks perfect!! Thank you so much for your help!!” – Mr. D, Massachusetts, 18 May 2010


“We had an absolutely terrific response to the ad and would definitely use your service again.” Ms. P, New York, 13 May 2010


“Thank you for your prompt attention in getting this ad posted.” Ms. H, Texas, 13 May 2010


“Wow! That was quick.  Thanks very much.” Ms. S, Maryland, 12 May 2010


“The job has been filled. Looking forward to my next ad with you.” Dr. N, by email, 12 May 2010


“We have had a very good response.” Dr. R, by email, 5 May 2010


“We have received many applications from your posting.  Thank you!”  Ms. H, Oklahoma, 24 February 2010


“We have had tremendous response to our recruitment efforts for our pathology position.”  Ms. F, 10 February 2010


“Fantastic response.  Thanks.”  Ms. E, Missouri, 26 January 2010


“Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this matter.  The ad looks great. “  Ms. H, Texas, 15 January 2010


“We have filled the position and have plenty of additional applicants.”  Ms. B, by email, 9 December 2009


“Thank you so much for all the assistance from PathologyOutlines.com.”  Ms. M, Wisconsin, 7 December 2009


Thanks for the ad, we have hired a pathologist for the Lab.”  Mr. H, Illinois, 28 October 2009


As always, thank you for making the process so easy.  This is the only ad copy I really enjoy placing.”  Ms. M, Wisconsin, 27 October 2009


“Many thanks for your prompt attention.  The ad looks great”. Ms. A, Ontario, 20 October 2009


“We were quite happy with the response we got to our ad, and will certainly use your website again when we next recruit for a position.”  Ms. M, by email, 8 October 2009


“We have a slew of candidates, thank you much.”  Ms. L, Michigan, 24 September 2009


“I appreciate the fast response.” Dr. C, California, 16 September 2009


“Thank you for your speedy assistance.“  Ms. W, California, 10 September 2009


“The ad looks great!”  Mr. H, Illinois, 31 August 2009


“We’ve had a terrific response to our ad from a few weeks ago (over 40 applicants now).  However, the response has been too high.”  Mr. M, Tennessee, 28 August 2009


“We have had over 90 responses! The president says half of them are viable candidates.”  Ms. S, Washington, 21 August 2009


“Within minutes after you posted the ad, I received a response.  Truly amazing.”  Mr. M, Tennessee, 11 August 2009


“As you know, your website has been named many times by candidates as to where they saw the position advertised.”  Ms. M, Pennsylvania, 10 August 2009


“[Our response was] overwhelmingly good.  Ms. R, California, 23 July 2009


“We had an excellent response.”  Ms. T, Canada, 13 July 2009


“We had an excellent response.  Thank you.  Would definitely use your services again in the future.”  Ms. D, Florida, 9 July 2009


“This looks great- thank you for completing it so quickly. “  Ms. P, Massachusetts, 23 June 2009


“Thanks- I found the postings very useful.”  Dr. C, by email, 2 May 2009


“We have received a very good response from your website.”  Ms. B, by email, 22 April 2009


“Thanks so much for your assistance with this matter – greatly appreciated.”  Ms. C, Canada, 20 April 2009


“Please convey our thanks to everyone at PathologyOutlines.com who helped us to make this a successful search.”  Ms. S, Oklahoma, 8 April 2009


“First, we want to thank you for your interest in the results of our search for a new pathologist. We are presently evaluating the file of 5 candidates. The post helped us a lot in our search.”  Ms. C, Canada, 19 March 2009.


“We have had so many applicants.”  Dr. Q, Virginia, 13 March 2009


“This was the easiest recruit I have ever done.  The influx of candidates was amazing.”  Ms. Y, Indiana, 3 March 2009


“Thank you for providing this service; it was, apparently, more useful to candidates than that offered by ...”  Dr. T, by email, 3 March 2009


“I will be sure and contact you in the future if we would like run this ad or another ad.”  Ms. H, Texas, 2 March 2009


“The response to the job posting was great and both positions were recently filled.”  Dr. B, New Jersey, 25 February 2009


“Thank you!  We have filled our spot with a great pathologist.”  Dr. S, California, 17 February 2009


“Thank you - we had a great response.”  Dr. W, New York, 16 February 2009


“We have completed our search for the open positions. . . . We did have a great candidate pool.”  Ms. S, Ohio, 13 February 2009


“We’ve gotten a lot of applications.  Please remove our ad [after 3 1/2 weeks].”  Ms. S, Florida, 9 February 2009


“We certainly did [have a good response].”  Dr. B, Ohio, 30 January 2009


“You are just wonderful and so easy to work with!”  Ms. O, New Jersey, 15 January 2009


“We had an excellent response and the CVs keep coming.  This was one of the easiest recruitments we've ever had!”  J. Courney, Iron Mountain, Michigan


“Nat, many thanks for the prompt posting.”  Dr. T, by email, 18 December 2008


“We found 3 doctors with this posting.”  Ms. S, Washington, 11 December 2008


“We got a lot of responses.”  Ms. E, Wisconsin, 20 November 2008


“I am writing to let you know that we received more than enough applications for the [ ] position.”  Dr. Y, by email, 18 November 2008


“Thanks, as always, for such great service!”  Ms. M, California, 13 November 2008


“We have been extremely impressed with the response generated from your site and have found several excellent candidates. Your reputation is well-deserved! Thanks for the help!”  Dr. C, by email, 3 November 2008


“Thank you for providing this service.  We received a very good response to our ad and were able to fill our position with a very promising applicant.”  Dr. H, Ohio, 29 October 2008


“Thanks Nat for your prompt service.”  Ms. F, Kentucky, 8 October 2008


“Thanks Nat, I already received a bunch of applications (you guys are 100x better than ...).”  Dr. N, by email, 27 September 2008,


 “We have filled the position, and no longer looking for a candidate. Thank you for your help. We had lots of candidates, thanks to your web site! “ Dr. K, Maryland, 12 September 2008


“Thanks, Nat. I’ve already gotten phone calls and e-mails from the ad [after posting for 2 hours], which is pretty amazing! I appreciate your help.”  Dr. C, by email, 11 September 2008


“Your site has been most helpful in recruitment.”  Ms. B, West Virginia, 23 July 2008


“Thanks again for taking care of this so quickly!”  Ms. M, California, 15 July 2008


“I have recommended this site to other (hospitals) who have also been pleased.”  Ms. R, Vermont, 7 July 2008


“I'm already getting a brisk email response to your ad.”  Dr. H, Washington, 7 July 2008


“We received many great resumes due to our posting on Pathology Outlines.”  Ms. A, North Carolina, 26 June 2008


“Thanks so much for your assistance! Your website has provided many good candidates for us in the past.”  Ms. M, Pennsylvania, 24 June 2008


“I’ve posted an ad with you guys before and had a pretty good response. “  Dr. S, Virginia, 19 June 2008


“Thank you for your help in getting the ad up so quickly.  We have already received several inquiries.”  Ms. L, Maine, 17 June 2008


“We’ve been really happy with the advertisements we’ve had with you.”  Ms. F, Louisiana, 6 June 2008


“Huge response.”  Mr. K, Illinois, 5 June 2008


“We had good response and I did fill the position from your advertisement.”  Dr. C, Ohio, 30 May 2008


“We had a good response.  As always!”  Ms. L, Washington, 30 May 2008


“We got a lot of responses.”  Dr. B, New Hampshire, 8 May 2008


“We do very well advertising with you.”  Ms. B, Maryland, 18 April 2008


“I had an excellent response. . . The hardest part was selecting among the applicants.”  Dr. B, by telephone, 14 April 2008


“I really appreciate the opportunity to post the ad on your site. We actually filled the position within a month.”  Ms. S, by email, 14 March 2008


“We received a great response and were able to fill the position.”  Ms. J, by email, 14 March 2008


“We had a very good response.  Thank you and we hope to use your services again in the near future!”  Ms. T, Canada, 14 March 2008


“Thank you – the response to all the ads we have placed with you has been good.”  Ms. K, Louisiana, 13 March 2008


“The responses have been good.”  Ms. B, Iowa, 13 March 2008


“We were very happy with our service from Pathology Outlines.”  Ms. M, Florida, 3 March 2008


“fabulous response!...thank you  
we interviewed several excellent candidates and ended up filling 2 positions”  Ms. S., Florida, 26 February 2008


“As a former advertising copy writer I can state Path Outlines and I were very successful.”  Dr. B, by email, 26 February 2008


“I look forward to using your services again and will not hesitate to recommend you to other organizations.”  Dr. R, Canada, 25 February 2008


“I am happy to inform you that we have finally filled up that pathologist position and we do not need to renew the ad.   Thank you so much for your help.  We did get a lot of inquiry from the past few months.  And we did not have to get the services of  a professional job recruiter.  We will certainly spread the good word around regarding the value of posting in Path Outlines!”  Dr. P, by email, 22 February 2008


“As our needs arise for another pathologist, we will certainly post on your website.  Thanks so much for your hospitality!”  Ms. W, North Carolina, 21 February 2008


“We do get quite a good response . . . It is an excellent website.”  Ms. J, New Zealand, 12 February 2008


“Thanks so much Nat.  It’s truly a pleasure doing business with you.”  Ms. B, Maryland, 12 February 2008


“We had an excellent, fabulous response. . .  Almost all of our traffic came from you. . .  We had a ton of candidates.”  Ms. I, Illinois, 8 February 2008


“This is the second time we used your site and we were very happy with our initial experience with Pathology Outlines.”  Dr. G, Canada, 4 February 2008


“I have had very good responses to my previous ads.”  Dr. G, Arizona, 29 January 2008


“[We] have successfully recruited two new pathologists, thanks in great part to our advertisement on your site.“  Dr. M, California, 17 January 2008


“Thanks for posting this so quickly!”  Ms. M, California, 7 January 2008


“Found a job from a lead in Pathologyoutlines. You did your job!”  Dr. V, by email, 17 December 2007


“Thank you for the efficient service that we have always received from Pathology Outlines.com.”  Ms. M, Wisconsin, 17 December 2007


“We hired a physician as a result [of the ad].”  Ms. V, New York, 17 December 2007


“I just wanted to comment, that I think it's great that you will not include job ads for pathologists to work in pod labs for urologists or GI's. I am a regular reader of pathologyoutlines.com and I love your website.”  Dr. G, by email, 14 December 2007


“Thanks Dr. Pernick, well worth the money!”  Ms. M, Pennsylvania, 6 December 2007


We had a great response.”  Ms. H, Wisconsin, 5 December 2007


“I look forward to working with PathologyOutlines.com once again; we had a very good response when we last advertised.”  Ms. M, Wisconsin, 27 November 2007


“We’ve gotten a good response with lot of applicants.”  Ms. M, California, 27 November 2007


“The quickest I’ve ever filled a position was from using your website.”  Ms. H, Maine, 27 November 2007


“Yes, we had good response to the ad.”  Ms. P, Louisiana, 31 October 2007


“Yes indeed we have filled our position, and it was thanks to the ad on your website.  It appears a very popular place for job seekers.”  Dr. O, Canada, 29 October 2007


“Yes, we have filled the position from an applicant to our ad with Pathology Outlines.”  Mr. D, Indiana, 25 October 2007


“We have had a good response to these ads.”  Ms. J, Texas, 24 October 2007


“Thanks for this, and for all you are doing for so many.”  Dr. S, by email, 23 October 2007


“The amount of interest from PathologyOutlines was impressive.”  Dr. M, Florida, 18 October 2007


“This looks great.  Thanks!”  Dr. M, by email, 5 October 2007


“We’ve had a lot of responses.”  Ms. C, Louisiana, 24 September 2007


“Instant service - I love it! – and the ad looks perfect.”  Ms. R, Ontario (Canada), 21 September 2007


“Thank you Nat.  You do good and fast work!”  Ms. H, California, 18 September 2007


“Response to our ad placed on your website has been phenomenal, so much so that I now need to discontinue the ad.  As we grow I will certainly remember your website for future ads.”  Dr. Z, Arizona, 6 September 2007


“We received many applications as a result of the ad on your site, and we just recently filled the position!”  Dr. H, by email, 5 September 2007


“Can you please remove our job posting.  We have more than enough candidates ... “  Ms. E, Wisconsin, 29 August 2007


“Thank you very much for posting this so quickly!!”  Ms. J, California, 28 August 2007


“You should also know that within two days I have received CV's from eight quality candidates for our position”, Dr. Z, Arizona, 24 August 2007


“Thank you for posting so quickly; I've already received responses!”, Ms. B, New Mexico, 16 August 2007


“The ad looks great.  Already getting responses.  Thanks for your help.”  Ms. P, Louisiana, 9 August 2007


“The position was filled.  We had a great response.”  Ms. B, Utah, 8 August 2007


“Thank you very much for this service. It’s a pleasure doing business with you.”  Ms. F, California, 6 August 2007


“We have filled the position.  The response was fabulous”.  Ms. K, Canada, 3 August 2007


“The response was great.”  Dr. S, by email, 23 July 2007


Thanks for catching those changes.  The ad looks great!”  Ms. H, Wisconsin, 20 July 2007


“Many thanks for posting our ad in record time. “  Dr. T, Virginia, 19 July 2007


“Yes, I had a good response to this ad.”  Dr. B, Canada, 13 July 2007


“The response has been very good to the ad.”  Mr. V, Michigan, 13 July 2007


“Thanks a million, Nat!!!!  I look forward to continued great success with the outcome of your services!”  Ms. J, New York, 13 July 2007


“We had a good response, and a good showing of applicants.”  Ms. D, Michigan, 11 July 2007


“We had a good response.  Thank you!”  Ms. L, Washington, 28 June 2007


“We had a good response.”  Dr. D, New York, 25 June 2007


“We had a good response.”  Ms. F, Louisiana, 22 June 2007


“We are inundated with applicants.”  Ms. V, New York, 12 June 2007


“The ad has been good, thanks a lot.”  Ms. S, New York, 12 June 2007


“We have had a great response to the ads and a great experience.  Thank you!”  Ms. S, Maine, 12 June 2007


“Yes we have had a good response.  I think we have someone who will work out.  In the future I plan just to use your service for any medical positions.”  Ms. S, by email, 8 June 2007


“We’ve had a great response and have done several interviews.”  Ms. D, Ohio, 31 May 2007


“We had good response to the ad, and I appreciate your help.”  Ms. M, by email, 24 May 2007


“We filled the position through your ad. . . You run a good service.”  Dr. S, New York, 18 May 2007


“I have taken a look at the online ads and they look great.  Thank you again for your assistance.”  Ms. W, by email, 18 May 2007


“The response was great and the position has been filled.”  Ms. N, Oregon, 17 May 2007


“The ad worked great and we will use you again.”  Dr. N, by email, 17 May 2007


“We were overwhelmed by the response.”  Ms. G, Canada, 30 April 2007


“We did actually get responses from your website.  So it was successful and I appreciate your help.  The Pathology dept is very pleased.”  Ms. S, by email, 25 April 2007


“We have had a tremendous response to our ad for pathology job position listed in Path Outlines.”  Dr. P, by email, 10 April 2007


“Good caliber of applicants.”  Mr. W, New York, 5 April 2007


“I had good response to the ad.”  Ms. L, Pennsylvania, 30 March 2007


Thank you for your patience with this.  You are great to work with.”  Ms. V, by email, 21 March 2007


 “I’m so glad we found your website.  Your website is fantastic!”  Kim, Florida, 22 March 2007


“We had an excellent response.”  Dr. P, Florida, 15 March 2007


“We had an Enormous response!”  Dr. W, California, 6 March 2007


“I really appreciate your quick responses and excellent customer service.”  Ms. M, Canada, 1 March 2007


“Yes, we have had a very good response.”  Mr. E, Australia, 20 February 2007


“We had a wonderful response in a short time”, Mary Williams, Kentucky, 12 February 2007


“We have had plenty of applicants …” Ms. H, Nebraska, 29 January 2007


“Thank you for posting … the response was exceptional!”  Dr. B, Florida, 17 January 2007


“We posted 7 faculty ads back in November and had great success in getting candidates.” Ms. D, Ohio, 16 January 2007


“We had a tremendous response. . .  Please remove the ad so the deluge of calls will stop.”  Dr. S, Michigan, 5 January 2007


“Thanks.  Just to let you know, I found it [the job emails] very helpful, and did apply for a few jobs off the list.  Finally found one whose offer I accepted!”  Dr. R, by email, 22 December 2006


“Thank you for your great turn around time.  This truly is what good customer service is all about.”  Ms. H, Canada, 24 November 2006


“Do you think you can take [our] pathology ads off the website?  We have received a ton of applications and have successfully recruited to our vacancies.”  Ms. K, Canada, 23 November 2006


“We are in the process of making an offer to a respondent from the ad.  We were very pleased with the response. The web site seems to do a great job drawing people.  Also, Dr. Pernick was an excellent resource for me when I need info regarding compensation packages for Pathologists.”  Ms. A, New York, 17 November 2006


“We had a tremendous response and do not wish to receive any more resumes.… This website is a wonderful resource for employers as well as pathologists looking for positions.”  Dr. R, Virginia, 15 November 2006


“Nat, could you please pull this ad?  We have about 25 candidates already [after 2 days of posting]!  We will definitely remember this site for future pathology openings.  Thank you very much.”  Mr. R, by email, 10/26/06


“Thanks to you, we have a large pool of candidates now.”  Ms. M, Pennsylvania, 10/25/06


“Our response to the ad has been very good.  We are in the process of hiring an individual who answered it.”  Dr. P, by email, 10/6/06


“We have had a wonderful response to the ad.”  Ms. M, Canada, 10/3/06


“We have filled our pathology position and we had excellent response to our advertisement.  Thank you for your services.  We will definitely keep you in mind for the future!”  Ms. F, Canada, 9/27/06


“We are very happy with the responses to our ad.”  Dr. D, Massachusetts, 9/27/06


“The response was very good and the position has been filled.”  Dr. L, New Jersey, 9/27/06


“Our most recent search was very satisfying: the pathologist we hired is TOP NOTCH. . . This is a great service to the Path. community”  Dr. T, Virginia, 9/8/06


“We have had a wonderful response.”  Florida, 9/1/06


“We get more responses from Pathology Outlines viewers than any other source…We are very satisfied with the speed, accuracy and price of your website listings.”  Pennsylvania, 8/28/06


Response to survey question - Would you advertise again with us?

“Yes, seems to be the best thing out there for PATH’s”., Missouri, 8/28/06


Response to survey question - Would you advertise again with us?

“Yes & will at every opportunity for our employment needs”, Ms. B, Maryland, 8/28/06


“We have hired somebody in less than a week.”  Ms. H, Nebraska, 8/18/06


“Thank you so much for your help.  I often recommend Pathology Outlines to
pathologists who are looking for a position.  We will be in touch with you when we need to post another position.”  Ms. M, by email, 8/14/06


“Thank you for your help; we may need your services (again) very soon!”  Dr. T, Virginia, 7/31/06


I got a desirable job opportunity through your website.  It was a great help.  I would like to thank you for setting it up and wish you good luck maintaining it.”  Dr. M, by email, 6/27/06


“Thanks for all your help.  We got a lot of good candidates from your site, and I’m sure we will use you again.”  Mr. V, Michigan, 5/25/06


“Thank you, once again, for providing such a high quality, professional service!”  Ms. J, by email, 5/15/06


“We're completely happy with the service you provide and at this time see no need
for other web ads.  Thank you for continuing to provide a high quality service!!”  Ms. J, by email, 5/12/06


“We got an excellent response.”  Beth Picard, California, 5/11/06


“Thanks for looking after us so well.”  Ms. M, Canada, 4/7/06


“We received good response from the posting.  If we have any job postings in the future, we will use your service again.”  Ms. N, Canada, 3/27/06


“We had an excellent response to the online ads.  At this time, all positions here at * * * have been filled.  We have your information at the front of our recruitment information file; and, also look forward to placing ads on your site in the future.  Excellent, informative site that you created.  Thank you.”  Ms. M, Wisconsin, 3/23/06


“We have successfully recruited a candidate and will no longer require our advertisement to be posted on PathologyOutlines.com.  We will certainly utilize the website again in the future.”  Dr. F, Florida, 3/13/06


“It looks like we’ve filled the position.  But if we need to advertise, you’re always the first place I look to.  Thanks.”  Ms. S, California, 3/9/2006


“We have filled the position and appreciate the part Pathology Outlines played in attracting numerous potential candidates.  We will be in touch when we wish to post another position.”  Ms. B., California, 3/2/2006


“We got a great response and filled the position!  Thank you for all your help.”  Ms. B, Missouri, 2/16/2006


“The positions at  * * *  have been filled.  Your listing certainly produced good exposure for us.”  Dr. V, Alaska, 2/3/2006


“We’ve had an excellent response to our posting at your website.”  Ms. S, California, 1/23/2006


“as usual, we are in fact getting a good response to the ad.”  Mr. S, by email, 1/6/2006


“You get an A+ (customer service) … Easy to use and the price is fair”, Pennsylvania, 12/23/2005 (response to survey)


“We are a retained search firm - we would use again for another pathology search”, Massachusetts, 12/23/2005 (response to survey)


“We’ve used your website a number of times and always had a good response”, Wisconsin, 12/20/2005 (response to survey)


“I cannot even begin to tell you how successful our posting on your website was.  We received more resumes and inquiries than I could possibly count.”  Michele Vaillancourt, Human Resources Coordinator, Landmark Medical Center, Rhode Island, 12/20/2005


“The ad was very helpful, as we received a brisk response from many qualified candidates.  We will be sure to keep your website in mind when we need to fill future staff positions.”  Dr. K, Maryland, 12/1/05


“As always, thank you for your quick response.”  Ms. M, Georgia, 10/28/05


“I had a great response to the ad and was able to fill the position with a highly qualified individual.  Thank you very much for a great website.”  Dr. A, Illinois, 10/4/05


“Thanks for your excellent customer service!”  Ms. B, California, 9/30/05


“Thanks to your wonderful website we have now filled our vacancies, so we would like to delist.  However please don't destroy your map etc because we are bound to list again.  To have no vacancies for pathologists sounds too good to be true, last time this happened it lasted 3 days!  We hope for better luck this time.”  Ms. J, by email, 9/22/05

“We have found the website has brought an excellent response, a constant stream of applicants, more this year than last year.”  Ms. J, New Zealand, 8/31/05


“Thank you very much for posting my ad so soon.”  Dr. P, Florida, 8/21/05


“I received many excellent applications as a result of this ad.”  Dr. A, Illinois, 8/13/05


“We have finally filled this position and with a great dermatopathologist!!!  Thanks for all of your help.”  Ms. M, New Mexico, 8/4/05


"We were pleased with your service--the listing generated well over 100 applications/inquiries.  We were able to select an excellent candidate."  Dr. W, Michigan, 7/12/05


“Our position has been filled and they are on the job.  Thank you for your most helpful job listing site.”  Dr. P, Arkansas, 7/11/05


 “[Our group] has filled its position thanks in large part to PathologyOutlines.com”, Mr. N, Georgia, 6/21/05


“We have successfully recruited a pathologist to join our group.  Thanks so much for making your site available.”  Dr. F, New York, 6/15/05


“We’ve had a good response to the listing.”  Dr. W, Michigan, 6/8/05


“This is to inform you that we have now filled our advertised position.  . . . Your site was very helpful in filling this position.”  Dr. D, Pennsylvania, 5/16/05


“We are very pleased with your service and Nat’s attention to us.”  Ms. G, New Jersey, 5/14/05


“We have placements for the above positions, due to the ads in PathologyOutlines. Thank you very much for your service.”  Ms. G, New Jersey, 4/28/05


“You are great, I like the personal response, prompt from Nat.”  Ms. J, New Zealand, 4/15/05


“We got a lot of good candidates from the ad.”  Ms. T, Wisconsin, 4/15/05


“Excellent service - quick response to any inquiry.”  Ms. O, Ontario, 4/11/05


“We interviewed 3 candidates and hired one that inquired of our practice through our job listing on this website.  Thanks!”  Dr. P, Arkansas, 4/10/05


“Thank you for the assistance that PathologyOutlines.com contributed in our having success in our search for another pathologist.”  Ms. B, California, 2/18/05


“Receiving hits and have setup two interviews.”  Dr. P, by email, 2/8/05


“The response was excellent.   Two of the hires came from your list.”  Dr. M, Virginia, 2/4/05


“I’d like to thank you for the fine service that you offer. The vast majority of our applicants became aware of our position through your website.”  Dr. S, Illinois, 2/3/05


“Thank you for all of your help with our last recruits.  We have two very great new faculty members to show for it.”  Ms. N, Missouri, 1/13/05


“We have appreciated the support you have provided us through our recruitment of our most recent physicians.”  Ms. W, New York, 12/17/04


“Thank you for providing such a quality service!”  Ms. J, New York, 12/15/04


“We did get good responses and if we have anymore Pathology openings we will certainly get back in touch.”  Mr. B, New York, 12/10/04


“We filled the job … because of the advertisement on your website.  You have the best website for advertising and for job seekers in Pathology.” Ms. H, Maine, 11/16/04


“I think you provide an excellent service.”  Ms. J, New Zealand, 11/8/04


“We were very pleased with the response from your listing.”  Ms. P, North Carolina, 9/17/04


“We have received a large number of responses.”  Dr. S., New Hampshire, 8/9/04


“We had an amazing number of responses.  Kudos to the number of candidates your agency is able to reach with these advertisements.  We will most certainly use your organization again if the need arises.”  Ms. F, New York, 6/9/04


“I had great results & made my hire from a candidate who responded as a result of the website”, Ms. S, Michigan, 6/2/04


“We received many applicants as a result of this posting and the positions have been filled”.  Dr. P, South Carolina, 5/20/04


“Thank you.  I really like that you include a map.  This is such a great service.”, Ms. H, Maine, 5/20/04


“The response to our advertisement posted on your website has been tremendous, with several dozen CV’s received.  Thanks for making this important resource available to the pathology community!”  Dr. S, Washington, 4/20/04


“Thank you for posting my position.  I received several inquiries and I have found a terrific candidate.”  Ms. D, Texas, 4/7/04

“We received many responses and the candidate we hired found the opportunity on PathologyOutlines.com!”, Ms. H, Illinois, 3/17/04


“We have had a tremendous response to our ad for a Pathologist”, Mr. S., Washington, 3/12/04


 “We have received a tremendous response”, Mr. B, New York, 2/26/04


“… we have been inundated with applicants for this position.”, Ms. H, Maine, 2/26/04


“We just filled our position, most likely from PathologyOutlines.com”, Mr. K, Illinois, 2/19/04


“We had an incredible response.  It was very effective”, Ms. H, Georgia, 1/20/04


“We have had a very good response and feel we will have a successful candidate from our application pool”, Dr. T, West Virginia, 12/30/03


“We filled our two positions due to your ad.”  Mr. C, Washington, 12/26/03


“We had an excellent response.  Thank you.”  Dr. C, Indiana, 10/14/03


“A lot of pathologists have told me [this] is their website of choice! We got our final candidate from our ad with you, and our client is very pleased. . .  I will definitely contact you again for future pathology searches.”  Ms. F, Georgia, 7/25/03


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