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Testimonials regarding the effectiveness of the Jobs page:

"We had a wonderful response to our placement in Pathology Outlines and have now filled the advertised position." S. Bailey, Texas, 14 July 2015

"Please remove my ad... We filled not one but two excellent dermatopathologists positions into our group. Once again, your service is the best bang for the buck. Thanks." Ernest Wu, M.D., Florida, 7 July 2015

"We have filled the position. The response was great." Dr. T., Ohio, 22 June 2015

"Thanks so much! You run a great site for posting pathology jobs." Hanita Alexander, New York, 8 May 2015

"I received over 130 CV's for that position so your job service is VERY effective." Dr. Ernest Wu, Florida, 8 April 2015

"PathologyOutlines.com brings us the CV's we need." Ms. R, Maryland, 24 March 2015

"We received 41 CV's in 6 hours." Dr. M, Connecticut, 24 March 2015

"We had a great response and I am very happy to tell you the position has been filled." Ms. Dolores Faulkner, West Virginia, 17 March 2015

"I can happily let you know that we received over 80 applications in the first three weeks." Ms. Vanessa Rodas-Eral, Maryland, 13 March 2015

"Overwhelming response. Thanks!" Ms. Kristen Ortiz, Oregon, 12 March 2015

"We had an excellent response with over 80 applicants. Thanks." Dr. M., Ohio, 12 March 2015

"I just wanted to thank you for updating your aggregated job postings frequently. I visit your website almost daily and by far the best and most updated way of finding out opportunities online." Dr. Serkan Ozel, 6 March 2015

"We had a very good response, thank you. The position has been filled." Dr. Selwyn Baptist, 26 February 2015

"Yes, we had a wonderful response. We have just hired for the position." Ms. Denise Sudborough, 26 February 2015

"We recently filled the position and got great responses from the ad." Ms. Ashley Warburton, 26 February 2015

"Thank you so much for posting our position so quickly. The ad looks perfect." Ms. A, 20 February 2015

"I saw the job ad and it looks perfect. Thank you so much for everything." Mr. E. Cabando, 20 February 2015

"We use you whenever we can." Marci Pyke, 18 February 2015

"This was the biggest response I've had to an ad I've posted with you." Julia Jordan, 17 February 2015

"I thank you for your help. We had an excellent response from qualified candidates and I won't hesitate to use your service in the future." Dr. Jeffrey Pett, 31 January 2015

"Thank you so much! We've gotten a very good response already." Ms. J, 27 January 2015

"Thank you so much for the speediness of getting our ad online." Ms. J, 26 January 2015

"Thanks Joy, always so easy to do business with you guys." Ms. C, 23 January 2015

"Yes, we have had a very good response to the ad." Ms. F., Louisiana, 13 January 2015

"The ad looks great. As always, it is a pleasure working with you and Dr. Pernick." Ms. G., Mississippi, 8 January 2015

"Thank you, we had a great response and will continue to use your website as needs surface in the future." Ms. R., Oregon, 5 January 2015

"I am pleased to inform you that we have filled the position, and would like you to remove the ad. I must say that it generated a lot of responses, and appears to be the "go-to" site for pathology job postings. Thanks to all concerned for the efficiency of the process." Dr. H., Michigan, 18 December 2014

"Yes, we had a good response. Greatly appreciate your service." Ms. S, California, 9 December 2014

"Our main pathologist says this is the only site that a pathology job should be posted on!" Ms. J, Indiana, 20 November 2014

"Thank you, Joy. The ad looks good and we have already gotten an application for this position from it. Thank you for all your help with our position advertising." Ms. S, Oklahoma, 20 November 2014

"It is such a pleasure working together – thank you so much for your quick help!!" Ms. G, New Jersey, 20 November 2014

"Thank you for the quick turnaround!" Ms. O, California, 18 November 2014

"Thanks for helping us attract candidates. We have filled our position here..." Dr. K, Colorado, 12 November 2014

"Thanks, as always, for your quick work!" Ms. V, New York, 7 November 2014

"We now have almost 80 applicants for our position. I must say that we got our money's worth!" Mr. P, Florida, 3 November 2014

"Thanks for quickly posting the ad. We are certainly getting numerous responses." Mr. R, California, 3 November 2014

"Thanks for the quick posting. I love dealing with Path Outlines!" Ms. B, Maryland, 16 October 2014

"Thank you very much, Dr. Pernick. Appreciate the quick response and posting." Ms. O, Hawaii, 29 September 2014

"We have filled the position, and appreciate the visibility and response we are receiving." Ms. M, Texas, 25 September 2014

"We did have an excellent response, and thanks so much." Ms. S, Florida, 18 September 2014

"I received 7x the response from you than other job sites." Dr. P.V., Michigan, 8 September 2014

"We have received responses from many qualified candidates and are in the process of interviewing and hiring. Thank you very much for all of your help!" Ms. V, California, 9 September 2014

"The ad is perfect. In the past year, the ad has produced many excellent CVs which have produced some great additions to our team." Ms. F, Louisiana, 28 August 2014

"I have been very pleased with your service before and am glad to be able to use it again." Dr. B, New Jersey, 28 August 2014

"We have filled the positions. We were very pleased with the responses we received." Ms. R, Delaware, 28 July 2014

"I’ve received a number of candidates through my ad on PathologyOutlines.com and we are currently interviewing. I sincerely appreciate your services...I wish all specialties had a site like yours." Ms. M, Illinois, 14 July 2014

"We are happy to let you know that we recruited a wonderful physician for this position." Ms. R, Maryland, 3 July 2014

"Thank you for posting the ad. I am impressed by the response thus far." Dr. H, California, 24 June 2014

"Wonderful, thank you! We’ve had excellent responses from your website." Ms. M, Texas, 23 June 2014

"Thank you for your help. We had a very good response from the ad." Dr. W, Michigan, 23 June 2014

"We have had an overwhelming response to the advertisement and would like to stop running the ad effective Friday, May 30th, if possible. Thank you for helping us achieve such great results so quickly!" Ms. L, Indiana, 28 May 2014

"We currently have 2 ads posted on your website. Thank you for the great responses!" Ms. M, Texas, 21 May 2014

"We received a great response and are in the process of interviewing and hiring." Ms. V, California, 13 May 2014

"We have had an overwhelming response to the ad..." Ms. P, Washington, 20 May 2014

"The amount of applications received in less than a month is massive!!! " Ms. R, Maryland, 9 May 2014

"Your website is wonderful." Dr. P, Florida, 8 May 2014

"Pathology Outlines is a great service to pathologists." Dr. J, Washington, 8 May 2014

"Once again thank you for helping me. You have been very helpful!" Dr. A, New Mexico, 7 May 2014

"Had a great response, with nearly 100 replies." Dr. D, Michigan, 4 May 2014

"Thank you so much – I wish everything were this easy." Ms. H, Massachusetts, 2 May 2014

"Dr. S is getting a great response on the pathologist ad we placed." Ms. J, Florida, 22 April 2014

"Thank you for getting it published so quickly. We are already getting responses." Ms. V, California, 7 April 2014

"We had a very good response to the ad. Our new hire found our position on your site." Dr. E, Michigan, 4 April 2014

"We did receive a good response, and have filled the position." Ms. D, Pennsylvania, 3 April 2014

"The response has been good. Thank you again for your help with this recruit." Ms. R, Washington, 3 April 2014

"We had a great response to the job posting." Ms. J, Texas, 3 April 2014

"We have had a good response through Pathology Outlines" Ms. V, California, 19 March 2014

"Thank you again for your assistance in helping us secure an excellent candidate!" Ms. M, Nevada, 7 March 2014

"We received a lot of good applicants." Ms. V, Canada, 17 February 2014

"We have had incredible response to the ad and will definitely post future positions with Pathology Outlines!" Ms. E, Texas, 6 February 2014

"Wowee, Joy, you give us such great service. What a pleasure it is to deal with you. Keep up the wonderful work. " Ms. A, Ontario, 6 February 2014

"We had an excellent response." Ms. R, Massachusetts, 4 February 2014

"I already received several good resumes." Mr. N, New Jersey, 27 January 2014

"The ad we placed in Pathology Outlines has been successful. " Ms. H, Illinois, 15 January 2014

"I am pleased to inform you that our __ position has been filled now. *** If there's any need of recruiting for other positions, we'll definitely contact you. " Ms. K, California, 9 January 2014

"We have had tremendous response to the GI/GU ad. " Ms. M, Nevada, 11 December 2013

"I personally thank you for your great help and prompt attention over the years re our many requests. " Ms. A, Ontario, 9 December 2013

"We have used the site 2 other times before with great success. " Mr. T, Ohio, 4 December 2013

"Pathology Outlines worked great and we received great candidates." Ms. D, Washington, 22 November 2013

"Thank you both for the quick service, as always!" Ms. M, California, 13 November 2013

"Thank you very much for your email and services, all has been wonderful." Mr. R, Virginia, 2 October 2013

"Your site is the singular best website in Pathology for job searches". Dr. C, Georgia, 19 September 2013

"We got a lot of applicants." Dr. W, 16 September 2013, Oregon

"The position has been filled and the candidate came from your posting." Mr. K, 26 August 2013, California

"Response was great. Thanks for your assistance." Ms. B, 14 August 2013, Pennsylvania

"Thank you. It's always nice to work with you." Ms. S, 9 August 2013, North Dakota

"We received a great response. We were able to fill the position." Dr. T, 30 July 2013, Ohio

"We completed the other opening, finding a wonderful applicant from the Ad placed on PathologyOutlines!" Ms. M, 30 July 2013, Nevada

"The response we got was much better than good; it was EXCELLENT! Thank you." Ms. M, 22 July 2013, Nevada

"I certainly got my money's worth and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and help. Love your Pathology Outlines enterprise and congratulate you on its success. Keep it up." Dr. C, 29 June 2013, Missouri

"Your customer service is great! Thanks!" Ms. B, 21 June 2013, Washington

"Thank you so much for your prompt response. I appreciate it." Ms. K, 30 May 2013, California

"As always, we respect our working relationship as you have always made this a very easy process for us to post our open positions." Ms. W, 29 May 2013, New York

"We have had very good responses to all of our ads." Ms. H, 9 May 2013, Oklahoma

"We have gotten very good responses." Ms. G, 9 May 2013, New York

"We have gotten a good response from our previous recruitment on your website; we're hoping for the same responses. Once again, it will be a pleasure working with PathologyOutlines. You and your staff have provided great customer service." Ms. M, 3 May 2013, Wisconsin

"We have had a tremendous amount of response to the ad." Ms. L, 18 April 2013, Florida

"We were very successful in gathering a pool of applicants for both positions." Ms. V, 16 April 2013, Ohio

"Thank you so very much for all of your assistance with these ads. We are delighted with the quality and the service." Ms. F, 22 March 2013, Louisiana

"I had great response. The position is filled. Thank you so much." Dr. L, 18 March 2013, New Jersey

"We received excellent responses and the position(s) are filled." Ms. I, 18 March 2013, Nevada

"Thanks as always for the quick turnaround time, we have already begun receiving applicants!" Ms. M, 14 March 2013, California

"Thanks for all of your help, we had a great response!" Ms. V, 1 March 2013, New York

"Once again, we received many qualified applicants to select from and interview." Ms. P, 19 February 2013, Maryland

"We have received overwhelming response and landed a well qualified dermatopathologist. I can't thank you enough as this is a major coup for our geographic location. Thanks again." Dr. G, 18 February 2013, Pennsylvania

"I just wanted to let you know that the hematopathology job we posted has been filled. Thanks, we received excellent candidates." Ms. K, 13 February 2013, Minnesota

"We have received an overwhelming response to our ad!" Ms. P, 11 February 2013, Washington

"We had a great response to the ad for the position. We have already found enough candidates!" Ms. V, 1 February 2013, California

"We are very excited about filling our position with such a great physician. Pathology Outlines got our ad some great candidates." Ms. D, 1 February 2013, Washington

"We received great responses and our positions are filled." Ms. I, 29 January 2013, Nevada

"Well worth the money. I have 3 excellent prospects." Mr. A, 28 January 2013, Florida

"Your speed for posting is exceptional!" Mr. L, 15 January 2013, Colorado

"We received an overwhelming response, thank you." Dr. Z, 8 January 2013, Maryland

"The response was actually a bit overwhelming with a very large number of qualified candidates." Dr. S, 8 January 2013, New York

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