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About Us
Last revised 8 May 2019


The history, purpose and vision of

Drs. Ayhan, Andeen, Tretiakova, Gonzalez, Pernick,
Zynger, Martinez-Lago, Elwood and Crane at USCAP 2019


The purpose of this website is to provide useful professional information to practicing Pathologists and laboratory personnel, in 15 seconds or less.

General features

  • Access to the website is absolutely free. The website is entirely supported by advertising.
  • The website pages are full text searchable, either by using the search features of your browser, or the Search box on our Home page.
  • does not require registration, and does not ask for personal information to gain access to the features of the website. Furthermore, does not make any personal information available to advertisers, unless visitors ask for contact from specific companies.
  • Special attention to text formatting makes the website easy to navigate, using a minimal number of clicks.

Specific features for the Pathologist community

  • A regularly updated, comprehensive online textbook of surgical and clinical pathology, with extensive links to images (gross, microscopic, clinical and others), virtual slides and references. Chapters include clinical and surgical pathology topics, as well as separate listings for CD Markers and Immunohistochemical and other Stains. We link only to images that do not require registration to view and to virtual slides that do not require plug-ins. We also prefer references with free full text with no registration / login, which are listed in dark green. Our goal is to update each chapter every 2 years. Newly updated topics are written by the named Author and reviewed by our Deputy Editor and a member of our Editorial Board.
  • A list of Pathologist / Ph.D. and other laboratory Job ads, organized by location and subspecialty, with separate lists of recently posted jobs, part-time or locums jobs, Ph.D. jobs and open Pathology residency slots.
  • A regularly updated and extensive list of Pathology related Conferences, organized by date, subspecialty, location and organization, with links for further information.
  • A regularly updated and extensive list of Pathology related Fellowships, organized by date (for new openings), subspecialty and location, with links for further information.
  • A regularly updated and extensive list of Pathology related Books, organized by date posted, publisher, book series and subspecialty, with an author / title search, and a list of top sellers. Some books are also posted on the main page of appropriate textbook chapters.
  • Case of the Month emails include a clinical history, images and a short discussion with references. All cases are listed by case number (with and without diagnosis) and by subspecialty (with and without diagnosis).
  • Our Industry News page provides announcements about new products and services and other important information of interest to the Pathology community.
  • For information about our email blasts (newsletters), here.
  • The opportunity to advertise Jobs, Fellowships and Conferences / webinars for a one time, reasonable fee. Rapid postings and excellent customer service are part of the package.
  • Inoffensive advertisements from companies providing products and services to the Pathology community.

Service commitment

As a customer, you should expect nothing less than the best possible service every time you deal with one of us, whether in person, on the telephone, via email or if you are simply a frequent visitor to our website. Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with you. The foundation of this relationship is our Service Commitment - to anticipate and exceed your expectations.


This website, which began in August 2001, is owned and managed by Nat Pernick, M.D., an AP/CP board certified Pathologist. Click here for more information on Dr. Pernick.