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through June 2019

  • Home page, including mobile: $250 (per book) - $2,400 per month
  • Chapter banners: $6 CPM (cost per 1000 impressions at the top or side of the main chapter and interior pages, spaced out per your instructions) E-blast options
    • Standard E-blasts: $1,000 per deployment
    • Premium E-blasts: $1,500 per deployment
    • Industry News: as a Supporter, we post your logo (up to 243 x 68) and link on this page, plus 12 links to newsworthy items (i.e. press releases, etc.) throughout the year: $3,000 per year.
    • Social media posts: $1,000 per deployment to 37,000+ followers: Twitter 18,080; Facebook 17,789; Instagram 1,848
    • Book pages (currently 852 books posted): $300 per book for posting up to 5 years. Other options to promote books include Featured Books on the home page ($250 per month per book), banners on the main Books page ($2,000 per year), E-blasts and Chapter banners.
    • CME listings: $250 per post. Other options to promote CME include banners on the CME page ($2,400 per year), Home page banners, E-blasts and Chapter banners.
    • Currently we have 367 jobs, 234 fellowships and 75 conferences posted.
      See our Jobs, Fellowships and Conferences pages for information on posting these advertisements.

    See our Payment page for payment options.

    Contact us:
    To advertise or for more information please contact us at (248) 646-0325 or If you do not get a response within 2 business days please contact Amanda at (248) 646-0325 or