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Revised: 11 October 2018
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Click here to pay for advertising. has assembled a database of 860 pathology related books, sorted by subspecialty, publisher, date posted and book series (click here). Books can also be searched by Title and Author. Books are listed by subspecialty or posted in textbook chapters at the sole discretion of Books with broken links may be removed.

  • Cost: $250 per book ($300 beginning January 2019). Books are posted for 5 years from publication date or until a new edition is available, whichever comes first. Books are posted for no charge if linked to Click here for information on Featured Books on the Home Page. Book banners or information may also be posted in Chapters and E-blasts.

  • Specifications: the book cover is a thumbnail for the link, and must be in JPG, PNG or static GIF format. Recommended size is 120 x 160 pixels. You must also send us the book's link. If you want to track sales, you must provide a tracking code within the link. We do not provide reporting.

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