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Revised: 26 September 2018
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Banner advertising is available on the top, right side or bottom of each of our 80 chapters.

Cost: $2,000 to $4,000 per year per chapter for top or right side banner. For the bottom banner, the cost is $2,000 for 10 chapters for one year. Banners or links can change monthly. The banner will appear on the main chapter page and interior pages for that chapter. Very high traffic chapters (Stains & molecular markers, Soft tissue, Skin nonmelanocytic tumors) are $4,000 per year.

Specifications: banners must be in JPG, PNG or static GIF format. Top and bottom banners are 728 x 90 pixels. Right side banner is 300 x 250. You can provide your own tracking code within the link.

Sample: see Stains page (example of top and right sided banners)

We can provide you with page views for any chapter, which includes the main chapter page and the interior pages.

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