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Table of contents

Primary references

Benign/non-neoplastic: normal anatomy   normal histology   adenomyoma   fibrosis   gangliocytic paraganglioma   granular cell tumor   pancreatic heterotopia   hyperplastic polyp   papillary hyperplasia

Premalignant / noninvasive: adenoma   IAPN   IPMN

Carcinoma: adenocarcinoma   adenosquamous   colloid   hepatoid   metastases   mixed acinar-endocrine   neuroendocrine   neuroendocrine-staging   paneth cell   signet ring

Other malignancies: adenocarcinoid   carcinoid   GIST   lymphoma   pancreatoblastoma

Miscellaneous: grossing   frozen section   TNM staging   features to report

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Index (table of contents in alphabetical order)

A-Z: adenocarcinoid   adenocarcinoma   adenoma   adenomyoma   adenosquamous   carcinoid   colloid carcinoma   features to report   fibrosis   frozen section   grossing   hepatoid carcinoma   gangliocytic paraganglioma   GIST   granular cell tumor   hyperplastic polyp   IAPN   IPMN   lymphoma   metastases   mixed acinar-endocrine carcinoma   neuroendocrine carcinoma   neuroendocrine carcinoma-staging   normal anatomy   normal histology   pancreatic heterotopia   pancreatoblastoma   paneth cell carcinoma   papillary hyperplasia   signet ring carcinoma   TNM staging

Primary references


AJCC Cancer Staging Manual (7th ed)
Websites with images: PathoPic, USCAP (virtual slides)

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Albores-Saavedra: 2000

Bosman: 2010

Iacobuzio-Donahue: 2012

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(Vol 2): 2012

Shepherd: 2013

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