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Revised: 11 October 2018
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Why be an Author?

Being an Author

Our Philosophy

Our primary mission is to provide useful information to practicing pathologists; i.e. those signing out cases. Authors should make each topic authoritative and at least as thorough as what would be found in a specialty textbook. Topics should use our standardized format. Let us know if you want to combine, split, add or remove topics.

Why Be An Author?

  • Authors should document​ their work under the "Book Chapter" section of their CV. Your publication with our peer reviewed textbook demonstrates a national and international presence (used in 100+ countries, click here) ​with metrics that can be reported in promotion and tenure dossiers. We recommend citing your work as follows:
    NL Pernick. Beclin1. In: Textbook. Editor DL Zynger. 2018.
  • Being one of our authors will help promote your academic and writing skills.
  • Writing for may help you land a desired job. Some authors have indicated that it helps them get jobs because their prospective employer was familiar with their work on our website.
  • We will help you promote your publications with us through our social media presence.
  • Gain contacts to obtain external letters of recommendation required for promotion in an academic setting.
  • We reward "veteran authors" (those with 3 publications in the past 6 months) with an author breakfast at USCAP, a gift package and a group photo.

Author Qualifications

    All authors:
    • Authorship for is not for most pathologists. You should take pride in your writing, and make sure it is thorough and authoritative.
    • Prospective authors should commit to writing at least 3 topics. You should expect to spend at least 5 hours on each topic, although it varies based on the subject and your prior knowledge; it will be faster for topics you have previously written about. The time is spent doing a thorough literature review, obtaining images, writing and reviewing your drafts, and responding to correspondence from us.
    • You must be able to obtain, from your own collection or from others, representative microscopic or gross images of entities for the topics you write about to post on our server, so the links never disappear. Images should have a brief figure legend.
    • Authors must follow our procedures, which are regularly updated based on feedback from authors and website visitors. Authors typically work on one topic at a time. If you want to do things differently, you must get approval from us first. We regularly review the work done by authors to make sure that our high standards are maintained.
    • Although we will give you an opportunity to correct any deficiencies, work that does not meet our standards will not be published.

    Staff pathologists:
    • You must have a minimum of 10 published non case reports in U.S., European or comparable journals that are verifiable on PubMed.
    • You must currently be on staff and in clinical practice.
    • If you are from outside the United States, then your experience must be comparable to U.S. pathologists.

    Fellows / senior residents or other staff:
    • Your work must be overseen by a pathologist who meets the staff pathologist requirements outlined above.
    • Your completed work must meet the same quality standards as our other writers. It should be as good as if it had been written by a staff pathologist.

Requirements for Editors

  • Our existing Editorial Board or Dr. Pernick typically recommends current authors to be Editors.
  • You must have worked satisfactorily as an author.
  • You must meet the author requirements.
  • You must be on the faculty at a medical school or its equivalent.
  • We prefer that you have fellowship training / certification and a practice focused in the intended subspecialty area(s).

Responsibilities for your subspecialty:
  • Commit to a 2 year term.
  • Review a chapter annually by updating its table of contents, listing recommended stains / IHC, listing recommended books and prioritizing topics to be added / updated.
  • Ensuring that Staging and Classification systems are up to date.
  • Reviewing topics written by other authors.
  • Reviewing Board Review questions, Cases of the Week.
  • Contributing images as needed.
  • Creating a What's New newsletter.
  • Recruiting authors.
  • Participating in 2 meetings by conference call per year, attending Editorial Board meetings at major U.S. pathology conferences and scheduling time at our booth to recruit authors.

Click here for Author Procedure.

If you are interested in being an author, please send your CV and a list of topics or chapters you are interested in writing / reviewing to Erin, our author coordinator at with any questions.

Author Awards

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