Biography of Nat Pernick, M.D.
Founder and President of

Last revised 24 August 2017, Inc., the worlds most popular pathology website, was founded as a service to the pathology community, providing a free, no registration, online textbook of surgical and clinical pathology.

Dr. Pernick is an AP/CP board certified Pathologist (residency-Wayne State University '99, fellowship in surgical pathology and research-Wayne State '00), but one of his true passions is computers. He started as a computer programmer in 1974, and has worked as a programmer / consultant for Wang Laboratories, the University of Michigan, the National Institutes of Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and numerous private companies and clinical laboratories. In August 2001, he created, based on his belief that medical information should be free and easily accessible. The site provides invaluable information regarding all aspects of Pathology. The main part of the website is an online textbook of ~7000 topics which are reviewed every 1-2 years. The website also has an extensive list of pathology related jobs, conferences, books and fellowships. The website does not charge visitors or require registration. It is entirely supported by advertising.

Dr. Pernick has medical and law degrees from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan), and has written or co-authored numerous publications (click here). Dr. Pernick had a private law practice for 20 years, and served as Special Assistant Attorney General under Attorneys General Frank J. Kelley, Jennifer Granholm and Michael Cox. His research interest is the Laws of Complexity and Self-Organization and Neoplasia (click here).