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Carson: Histotechnology: A Self-Instructional Text, 3rd Ed.
By Frieda L. Carson
2009, 400 pages, 351 images, $159 list
An indispensable teaching tool and reference – and a “must” for histotechnologists preparing for the ASCP HTL certifying examination – Dr. Freida Carson’s 3rd edition of Histotechnology: A Self-Instructional Text includes added coverage on immunohistochemistry, molecular techniques and cytopreparation. You’ll also appreciate new images, how-to illustrations for manual techniques, troubleshooting aids, and additional special staining procedures.
Cruise: Quick Compendium Companion: Challenge Questions in Surgical Pathology
Edited by Michael W. Cruise
2012, 672 pages, 702 images, $249 list
With publication of the Companion volume, Quick Compendium of Surgical Pathology now serves as a comprehensive review of critical surgical pathology topics. In addition to new, high-quality images that demonstrate most of the diagnostic and morphologic characteristics of the lesions, the Companion volume includes more than 1,571 questions and explanations about important areas within surgical pathology.
DeMay: Art & Science of Cytopathology, 2nd edition
By Richard Mac DeMay
2012, 2076 pages, 6849 images, $579 list
The "Gold Standard" text for Cytopathology, DeMay’s Art & Science of Cytopathology has been updated to reflect the many and dramatic new advances in the field—now in 4 volumes with nearly 6,000 beautiful new images!
DeMay: Practical Principles of Cytopathology
By Richard Mac DeMay
2007, 420 pages, 1382 images, $239 list
"Baby Mac" provides encyclopedic coverage of material that diagnosticians need, with scores of images. Features include revamped chapters on lymphoma and gastrointestinal stromal tumors.
Foucar: Bone Marrow Pathology, 3rd Ed.
By Kathy Foucar, Kaari Reichard, David Czuchlewski
2010, 890 pages, 2112 images, $299 list
A virtual roadmap to the latest best practices, the new edition integrates the full scope of the 2008 WHO criteria with answers to your day-to-day diagnostic questions. New to the third edition are diagnostic clues and caveats; newly-recognized benign and neoplastic disorders; new sections on the pathophysiologic/pathogenetic mechanism of disease for each entity; morphologic approaches and standard techniques – thoroughly revised and freshly illustrated; and insightful sidebars about molecular genetics.
Gulati: ASCP CASESET: Case Studies in Hematology and Coagulation
By Gene Gulati, Joanne Filicko-O’Hara, John R. Krause
2012, 527 pages, 586 images, $179 list
This compendium of 200 case studies is the result of a unique collaboration of leading hematologists, hematopathologists, and oncologists. It serves as both a case-based guide to the diagnosis and management of patients suffering from hematologic conditions and a valuable teaching tool.
Gulati: Blood Cells: Morphology & Clinical Relevance, 2nd Ed.
By Gene Gulati, Jaime Caro
2014, 227 pages, 961 images, $209 list
Thoroughly revised by well-respected educator and clinical laboratory hematologist Dr. Gene Gulati and his colleague Dr. Jaime Caro, the new 2nd edition incorporates more discussions, images, entities, artifacts, and mimics in the blood. It brilliantly illustrates an even broader spectrum of morphologic variation in red and white blood cells. Blood Cells, 2nd Edition gives you more on every page; everything that made the 1st edition a perennial bestseller and new additions that make it invaluable for the lab.
Gulati: Blood Cell Morphology Grading Guide
By Gene Gulati
2008, 96 pages, 156 images, $79 list
This consistently-illustrated guide makes the process of grading blood cell morphology more immediately practical for laboratory professionals – and more meaningful for patient management.
Heriot: Practical Surgical Pathology: Integrating Molecular Pathology into Your Morphologic Practice
By Kirk Heriot
2012, 559 pages, 1700 images, $249 list
To the practicing pathologist and those studying to be pathologists, Practical Surgical Pathology will become their go-to guide and the most practical and heavily illustrated single-volume reference available for surgical pathology. Offering more than 1700 high-resolution images, this highly accessible single volume quickly addresses 95% of the difficult situations commonly encountered in the daily practice of surgical pathology.
Holladay: Cytopathology Review Guide, 3rd Ed.
By E. Blair Holladay
2008, 392 pages, 360 images, $169 list
This latest edition continues to serve as a litmus test for both cytotechnology generalist and specialist Board examinations. With more than 1,200 self-study questions and 360 images – now at nearly three times the size of those in the previous edition and at higher resolution – the volume is sure to serve as an invaluable and comprehensive self-study reference for pathologists, pathology residents, cytotechnologists, and cytopathologists in training.
Keren: Protein Electrophoresis in Clinical Diagnosis
By David F. Keren
2012, 272 pages, $169 list
Dr. Keren presents the most clinically useful major advances in our knowledge of—and ability to detect—protein abnormalities by electrophoresis and immunoassay.
Khalbuss: Quick Compendium of Cytopathology
By Walid E. Khalbuss, Sara E. Monaco, Liron Pantanowitz
2013, 592 pages, 941 images, $249 list
Part of the new Series II releases from the highly acclaimed ASCP Quick Compendium Series, now upgraded with over 900 high-quality images. This is an ideal study tool for residents and cytology students, as well as an every-day quick reference guide for practicing pathologists.
Khalbuss: Quick Compendium Companion: Challenge Questions in Cytopathology
By Walid Khalbuss
2014, 464 pages, 410 images, $149 list
This new book offers a wealth of self-review question, including hundreds of image-based questions, that are so necessary when studying for the Boards or the Maintenance of Certification exam.
Kjeldsberg: Practical Diagnosis of Hematologic Disorders, 5th Ed.
Edited by Carl R. Kjeldsberg
2010, 928 pages, 723 images, $289 list
Continuing the approach established in 1989, this new edition successfully delivers the voluminous literature of hematopathology into a concise source of guidelines which features liberal use of quick look-up tables and detailed diagnostic algorithms, and is substantially expanded to reflect two major trends in diagnosis: lab-ready molecular genetic modalities and the new 2008 WHO Classification for malignancies.
Leonard:Quick Compendium Companion: Challenge Questions in Clinical & Molecular Pathology
By George Leonard , Daniel D Mais
2014, 272 pages, 901 images, $129 list
For residents and established pathologists looking for a concise, comprehensive self-study tool, the newly updated edition is part of ASCP’s companion books series and compliments our newly revised 3rd edition of the incredibly popular Quick Compendium of Clinical Pathology. Includes 900 study questions.
Mais: Practical Clinical Pathology
By Daniel Mais
2014, 512 pages, $239 list
A comprehensive and up-to-date working review of clinical pathology presented in a concise, highly readable format that makes abstract aspects of clinical pathology more readily comprehensible.
Mais: Quick Compendium of Clinical Pathology, 3rd Ed.
By Daniel D. Mais
2014, 336 pages, 327 images, $159 list
The thoroughly revised 3rd edition of the hugely popular Quick Compendium of Clinical Pathology is a fundamental and concise yet comprehensive source that effectively sorts through diverse material to provide a distilled working review of clinical pathology including related diagnostic molecular pathology.
Orihel: Atlas of Human Parasitology, 5th Ed.
By Thomas C. Orihel, Lawrence R. Ash
2007, 540 pages, 1021 images, $249 list
In today’s global community, the new fifth edition of Ash and Orihel’s Atlas of Human Parasitology is a must-have for parasitic identification. Coverage is complete, including well-recognized species of parasites as well as information on those less commonly encountered. This is the reference you’ll want to have at hand when you need to view the unknown and assimilate your findings into a clinical context.
Pantanowitz: Pathology Informatics: Theory & Practice
By Liron Pantanowitz, J. Mark Tuthill, Ulysses G.J. Balis
2012, 336 pages, $129 list
The first multi-authored, current and comprehensive compendium of the diverse and rapidly expanding field of pathology informatics. It includes all of the critical and practical advice for management, operations, budgeting, and project planning and will serve as a comprehensive review of the field for students, pathologists, and laboratory professionals.
Rodgers: Hemostasis Casebook: Lab Diagnosis & Management
By George M. Rodgers, Angela E. Alday
2013, 132 pages, $69 list
Fully updated and expanded with new problems and topic areas, Alday and Rodgers’ Hemostasis Casebook presents a comprehensive collection of case studies in hemostasis, thrombosis and coagulation. Complete with detailed explanations, this collection serves as a valuable teaching or self-study tool.
Willis: ASCP CASESET: Laboratory Medicine
By Monte S. Willis
2011, 694 pages, 106 images, $149 list
ASCP CASESET is a rich source of practical cases with significant teaching value. Cases are chosen by leading authorities in the major subspecialties of clinical pathology—the editors of LABMEDICINE, a peer-reviewed journal published by ASCP.