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Bychkov: Visual Encyclopedia of Ovarian Histopathology on CD-ROM; 2002, $90.  Contains over 200 images of ovarian histopathology in a highly flexible, easy to use program. You can view the entire slide show as thumbnails or full size, or use various other options.


de Saint-Maur: Soft Tissue Tumors : Bilingual english/french Bilingue francais/anglais (CD-ROM Atlas of Pathology); 2002, $99.  This CD-ROM is intended to aid practitioners in establishing a diagnosis and in their own assessment of a tumor.  The most important tumors and pseudo-tumors of soft tissue are illustrated by gross, microscopic and immunohistological studies.  Almost all tumors described in classical treatises and in the WHO classification are presented, together with recently reported entities.


Frappart: Histopathology and Cytopathology of the Uterine Cervix: Digital Atlas

By L Frappart, B Fontanière, E Lucas and R Sankaranarayanan

2004 (1st ed), $15 list

This interactive CD-ROM contains over 1200 images obtained from various on-going and completed IARC cervical cancer screening and prevention projects in different countries, which have been extensively reviewed by project staff, as well as by quality control pathologists.


Karpati: Structural and Molecular Basis of Skeletal Muscle Disease (CD-ROM only)
By George Karpati

2006 (1st ed), 312 pages, 575 illus, $45 list

A groundbreaking effort in myological text as its organization does not follow traditional guidelines. The diseases are grouped into major categories that are characterized by a common molecular or functional feature rather than a traditional designation.  Covers all major myopathies and is focused on molecular genetics, pathophysiology, and structural changes. Salient features of the clinical phenotype and potential methods for molecular therapy are also presented.


Lennert: Reactive and Inflammatory Lymphadenopathies : A reference image Atlas with a detailed table of contents (CD-ROM Atlas of Pathology); 2002, $99.  This atlas describes and illustrates lymph nodes under normal conditions and in reactive states.  It contains images showing the results achieved with various methods of investigation, including cytology in imprints and sections, histology, enzyme and immunohistochemistry and electron  microscopy.  Examples of virtually all kinds of lymphadenitis are illustrated.


Mittal: Interactive Diagnostic Gynecologic Pathology (CD ROM)

By Khush Mittal

1500 illus, $125

Atlas of gynecologic pathology with over 1500 full color annotated images, and a diagnostic program that generates a differential diagnosis based on the features present.


Pakurar: Digital Histology: An Interactive CD Atlas with review Text

By Alice S Pakurar and John W Bigbee

2004, 248 pages, $70 list

Digital Histology is an interactive, annotated atlas with over 750 original, digitized microscope images accompanied by detailed descriptions and optional labels. Both the CD and text components of this multimedia resource follow the same organizational scheme for easy navigation and better comprehension


Palazzo, Breast Epithelial Lesions: A guide to their differential diagnosis (CD-ROM); 2002, 66 pages, $65.  A quick, simple and well-illustrated source for diagnosing common epithelial breast lesions that may be problematic in practice.  review (Mod Path subscribers)


Pollak: Atlas of Forensic Medicine
By S Pollak and P Saukko

2003, $95 list

This CD-ROM atlas illustrates and gives good visual coverage of the various frequently encountered aspects of natural and violent deaths, to remind of the limitations and pitfalls in interpretation of the findings, as well as to demonstrate other more rarely seen cases and injuries of forensic importance in the living.


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