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Recommended Breast Pathology books
By Emily S. Reisenbichler, M.D., reviewed by Gary Tozbikian, M.D., December 2019

Hoda: Rosen's Breast Pathology (2014)
Lakhani: WHO Classification of Tumours of the Breast (2012)
Lester: Diagnostic Pathology: Breast (2016)
Schnitt: Biopsy Interpretation of the Breast (2017)
Recent Breast nonmalignant Pathology books

Aydiner: 2015

Bhargava: 2015

Dabbs: 2016

Damjanov: 2017

Editorial Board: 2019

Hoda: 2017

Lakhani: 2012

Lester: 2016

Schnitt: 2017

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