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Case of the Week #234

22 February 2012 - Case of the Week #234

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Case of the Week #234

Clinical History:

A 29 year old woman had a cholecystectomy (no other clinical information provided).

Micro images:


What is your diagnosis?


Mild, chronic cholecystitis with a focus of metaplastic bone formation in the gallbladder mucosa


Metaplastic bone formation in the gallbladder mucosa is rare (South Med J 2009;102;322), and may clinically simulate cholelithiasis.

Osseous metaplasia is nonspecific. It may be associated with chronic cholecystitis, a cholesterol polyp (South Med J 2009;102:773), a fasciitis-like fibrous proliferation containing scattered osteoclast-like giant cells (Pediatr Dev Pathol 2011;14:80), or with carcinoma (Tumori 1999;85:133). In addition, osteosarcoma must be ruled out (HPB (Oxford) 2006;8:65).

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