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Table of contents

Primary references

Molecular pathways: general,† chromosomal pathway,† CpG island,† microsatellite instability,† MUTYH pathway

Polyps: general,† biopsies,† aberrant crypt foci,† adenoma,† carcinoma arising in adenoma,† adenoma-carcinoma sequence,† atheroemboli,† cap polyposis,† displaced glands,† diverticular,† fibroblastic,† flat adenoma,† hyperplastic,† inflammatory,† inflammatory fibroid,† inflammatory myoglandular,† juvenile,† lymphoid,† Peutz-Jegher,† post-surgical,† serrated,† transitional,† tubular adenoma,† tubulovillous adenoma,† villous adenoma

Familial polyposis syndromes: APC gene,† Cowdenís,† Cronkhite-Canada,† familial adenomatous polyposis-classic,† attenuated,† Gardnerís,† hereditary mixed polyposis,† hyperplastic polyposis,† juvenile polyposis,† Lynch,† Muir-Torre,† MUTYH associated,† Peutz-Jegher,† Turcotís

Carcinoma: general,† WHO classification,† post-treatment changes,† intramucosal,† adenocarcinoma,† adenosquamous,† carcinosarcoma,† clear cell,† glassy cell,† hepatoid,† lymphoepithelioma-like,† medullary,† metastases to colon,† mucinous,† neuroendocrine,† papillary,† signet ring,† small cell,† small early flat,† squamous cell,† villous

Carcinoid tumors: rectum,† not rectum

Lymphoma and hematopoietic lesions: general,† Burkitt,† follicular,† HHV8,† Hodgkin,† MALT,† mantle cell,† mast cell sarcoma,† T cell

Mesenchymal tumors: general,† angiomyolipoma,† angiosarcoma,† endometrial stromal sarcoma,† fibromatosis,† ganglioneuromatosis,† GANT,† GIST,† hemangioma,† histiocytic sarcoma,† idiopathic retractile mesenteritis,† idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis,† inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor,† Kaposiís sarcoma,† leiomyoma,† leiomyomatosis,† leiomyomatosis-like lymphangioleiomyomatosis,† leiomyosarcoma,† lipoma,† lipomatosis,† liposarcoma,† Mullerian adenosarcoma,† perineurioma,† perivascular epithelioid cell tumor,† pyogenic granuloma,† reactive nodular fibrous pseudotumor,† schwannoma,† solitary fibrous tumor

Other tumors: Langerhans cell histiocytosis,† Rosai-Dorfman disease,† teratoma

Other: grossing,† staging,† staging-neuroendocrine,† features to report

Index (table of contents in alphabetical order)

A-E: aberrant crypt foci, adenocarcinoma, adenoma,† adenoma-carcinoma sequence,† adenosquamous carcinoma,† angiomyolipoma,† angiosarcoma,† APC gene,† atheroemboli,† biopsies,† Burkitt lymphoma,† cap polyposis,† carcinoid-not rectum,† carcinoid-rectum,† carcinoma-general,† carcinoma arising in adenoma,† carcinosarcoma,† chromosomal pathway, clear cell carcinoma, Cowdenís polyposis syndrome,† CpG island pathway, Cronkhite-Canada syndrome,† displaced glands in polyp,† diverticular polyp,† endometrial stromal sarcoma

F-N: familial adenomatous polyposis-classic,† FAP attenuated polyposis syndrome,† features to report, fibroblastic polyp,† fibromatosis,† flat adenoma,† follicular lymphoma,† ganglioneuromatosis,† GANT,† Gardnerís syndrome,† GIST,† glassy cell carcinoma,† grossing,† hemangioma,† hepatoid carcinoma,† hereditary mixed polyposis syndrome,† HHV8 lymphoma,† histiocytic sarcoma,† Hodgkin lymphoma,† hyperplastic polyp,† hyperplastic polyposis syndrome, idiopathic retractile mesenteritis,† idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis,† inflammatory fibroid polyp,† inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor,† inflammatory myoglandular polyp,† inflammatory polyp, intramucosal carcinoma,† juvenile polyp,† juvenile polyposis syndrome, Kaposiís sarcoma,† Langerhans cell histiocytosis,† leiomyoma,† leiomyomatosis,† leiomyomatosis-like lymphangioleiomyomatosis,† leiomyosarcoma,† lipoma,† lipomatosis,† liposarcoma,† lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma,† lymphoid polyp,† lymphoma-general,† Lynch syndrome,† MALT lymphoma,† mantle cell lymphoma,† mast cell sarcoma,† medullary carcinoma,† mesenchymal tumors-general,† metastases to colon,† microsatellite instability pathway,† molecular pathways-general,† mucinous carcinoma,† Muir-Torre syndrome,† Mullerian adenosarcoma,† MUTYH associated polyposis,† MUTYH pathway,† neuroendocrine carcinoma

O-Z: papillary carcinoma,† perineurioma,† perivascular epithelioid cell tumor,† Peutz-Jegher polyp, Peutz-Jegher syndrome, polyps-general,† post-surgical polyp,† post-treatment changes (carcinoma),† pyogenic granuloma,† Rosai-Dorfman disease,† reactive nodular fibrous pseudotumor,† schwannoma,† serrated polyp,† signet ring carcinoma,† small cell carcinoma,† small early flat carcinoma,† solitary fibrous tumor,† squamous cell carcinoma,† staging,† staging-neuroendocrine,† T cell lymphoma,† teratoma,† transitional polyp,† tubular adenoma,† tubulovillous adenoma,† Turcotís syndrome,† villous adenoma,† villous carcinoma,† WHO classification of colon carcinoma

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Primary references


AJCC Cancer Staging Manual (7th ed)
American Journal of Surgical Pathology
Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Human Pathology
Modern Pathology
Websites with images: PathoPic

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