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Last revised 13 January 2015


Q. How do I use the website?

A. This website is designed to find pathology information fast.  From the Home Page, you can click on the buttons along the top, click on the chapters in the middle section, use the website search engine at the top of the page, or click on the banner ads.  Each chapter has a table of contents at the beginning composed of links.  To get to a topic, you can click on the appropriate Table of Contents link.  To find a particular word or phase on a page, use Control F in your browser. Some links open a new window/page.  To go back to the prior page, you should close this new window/page.



Q. What type of information is available at

A. Our mission is to provide text and images that helps practicing pathologists and laboratory personnel, and we limit our website to information that supports this mission. Thus, there is very little information on our website about medications, surgery or types of treatment. There are also many medical conditions that we do not encounter as pathologists / laboratory personnel, and these are not discussed at our website.



Q. Is a user ID / password required?

A. No. Our website is free, with no registration.  There are no user IDs or passwords. We support free full text for medical information. We provide numerous links to references, and we prefer links to journals that are free full text, no registration, which are highlighted in green.



Q. Can I use information from your site for lectures?

A. You can use the content of our website for non-commercial and educational use, but cannot redistribute it over the Internet. This means you can use it for preparing lectures or for your own studying. You cannot copy it to your own website (even if free), although you can link to our website. Most images from our website are links to other websites. Thus, technically any questions about use of images should be directed to the hosts of these websites. However, the general copyright rule is similar to that stated above - you can use them for educational purposes, but not commercial purposes, and you cannot copy the images. We also suggest you NOT link to any website that sells images - they may claim you are infringing their copyright, and "shake you down" for payment.



Q. Can I link to your website?

A. Yes - you can link to any page of our website, as long as you do not make any misrepresentations, such as stating that the page is part of your website. You cannot copy the text for your own website, which is a violation of US and international copyright laws. If you do, we will take legal action against you, and you may be subject to civil and criminal penalties, even if you are a nonprofit or an individual.



Q. A link is broken - what should I do?

A. There are two causes of broken links (a broken link means that an image or page does not load). First, the website being linked to may have disappeared. Second, some websites have temporary glitches, and will resume working later that day or in a few days.  If you cannot get a link to work after trying a few times, please let us know. We check the links for our website regularly, and remove all broken links.



Q. Where do I send suggestions for improvements to the site?

A. Please send any suggestions to Dr. Nat Pernick at We respond to all suggestions.



Q. How can you offer all these services for free?

A. Our website is based on the Google business model - provide a free website that people really want to use, and generate revenue based on advertising. We are entirely supported by advertising, including banner ads and advertising for jobs, conferences and fellowships. We also receive a percentage of the price paid for products from our affiliates, including, after clicking their banners or links at our website. If you like our website, please tell your vendors about our website and suggest that they advertise with us.



Q. Can you answer questions about my own medical problems?

A. Sorry, but this website does not answer personal questions. Our mission is to provide a free, easy to use textbook for the pathology community. It is written for pathologists to use as a resource, and is NOT intended for the general public. We can only answer questions from the pathology community about how to use the website.



Q. Are there any ways to find a topic other than looking in the Table of Contents?

A. There are three ways to search for a topic.  First, the Home Page has a search box at the top that you can use to search all pages on the website for specific text. Second, once you are at a specific chapter / topic, you can use the search feature of your browser.  For Internet Explorer or Firefox, click Ctrl + F (hold down the control button then press F), and type in the text to search on that page. Third, you can use the Table of Contents at the top of any chapter.



Q. How do I use the virtual slides?

A. To use the virtual slides, click on the part of the big image you want to see at higher power. Then use the pull down menu for the smaller image in the upper right corner to choose the "objective". You can move around on the virtual slide by clicking different parts of the image. Some computer systems have firewalls that prevent the virtual slides from working.



Q. How do you guard against computer viruses?

A.  We use antivirus software on all of our computers, but any computer can get infected. If you find a possible problem with our website, please contact us immediately at We almost never send attachments, and if we do, there will be a detailed message about it.  However, today's virus makers are very clever, and can make an email message appear to come from anyone.  If you are uncertain about an email attachment from us or anyone else, we suggest you contact the purported sender by telephone or separate email to verify that it is not malicious. We recommend that you use antivirus software and antimalware software to check your computers daily and to stop any infections.


Q. How can I contribute to the website?

A. There are several ways to contribute. You can improve the quality of our free online textbook by (a) telling us about any possible errors or unclear text, (b) becoming a reviewer (click here for more information), (c) contributing gross, microscopic or other images which YOU OWN (click here for more information), (d) contributing your manuscripts or second best images for papers published in journals that are not free full text or (e) sending us any pathology related videos. You can contribute financially by posting your pathologist / laboratory jobs, conferences or fellowships with us, by purchasing books or other products through the links on our Home page or in our Books pages, or by asking the companies that you do business with to advertise with us. If you want to make a donation, we suggest you click here to contribute to The Detroit College Promise, the 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity which we sponsor. You can also complete our survey (click here), which helps us improve our website. Finally, we are always looking for feedback on how the website can be more useful to the pathology community. Click on the Contribute button on the left hand side of our Home Page for more details.

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