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November 2012:
Consumable Lab Products / Clinical Lab Analyzers

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Clinical Laboratory Analyzers and Consumable Reagents
Jaleh Mansouri, M.D.

Clinical laboratory analyzers play a major role in the modern clinical pathology laboratory. Key features that define the differential capabilities of clinical analyzers are the degree of automation, computer interface and reporting capabilities, throughput capacity, detection methodology, and error reduction. Many clinical laboratories have adopted fully integrated systems where platforms utilizing different modular techniques for testing (e.g. immunoassays versus photochemistry) are streamlined into one functional unit. A fully automated system should allow for facilitated interruption of workflow if emergent needs arise.

Reagents used by clinical analyzers include those used for quality control and calibration as well as the specific analytes used for measuring substances in patient samples. These reagents are usually purchased in bulk and comprise a large part of a laboratory's inventory of consumable products. Many automated clinical analyzers have the capacity to work with both manufacturer-specific and other reagents (i.e. open system). The decision to purchase a particular analyzer may be based in part on this capacity since open systems offer an increased level of flexibility in the introduction or modification of new assays and/or analytes if accuracy (e.g. dispension of analytes), length of shelf-life, chemical stability, and cost-effectiveness are not compromised.

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