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March 2013:
Tissue Processors / Other Histology

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Tissue Processors: Antigen Retrieval and Immunohistochemistry
Jaleh Mansouri, M.D.

Tissue processors represent the cornerstone of the modern histologic laboratory. While the major function of these instruments is the routine processing of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue for morphologic pathologic evaluation, the growing number of available antibodies and the development of antigen retrieval methodologies have provided an increasingly important tool in the pathologic diagnosis of disease during the past two decades. Antigen retrieval utilizes a combination of buffer solutions and enzyme digestion to reverse protein cross-linking caused by fixatives such as formaldehyde. The application of heat (via microwaves, thermoelectric sources, autoclaving, etc.) enhances this process by facilitating protein unfolding and maximizing access to epitopes for binding to antibodies. While many laboratories have used homemade devices (i.e. microwave ovens) to perform antigen retrieval, digital automated microwave processors and other commercial equipment have become widely available from vendors. These instruments are able to perform antigen retrieval under very controlled conditions and may thus offer the advantage of producing more consistent and uniform immunohistochemical results.

Antigen retrieval and immunohistochemistry have had an influential role in biomedical research as well as in diagnostic pathology. One important application is in the area of proteomic profiling. As more potential prognostic and therapeutic molecular targets (i.e. epitopes) are discovered, these time-tested methods promise to provide a rich source of research material by enabling pathologists to study patterns of protein expression in FFPE archival tissue.

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