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October 2013:

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Laboratories: Automation in the Modern Pathology Laboratory
Jaleh Mansouri, M.D.

A major goal of many pathology laboratories today is the implementation of total automation for accommodating the increasing volumes of high complexity laboratory specimens. Large reference laboratories (i.e. ARUP, Mayo) have been at the forefront of this endeavor for many years, and it is expected that their methodologies will serve as a blueprint for other pathology laboratories. Laboratory automation requires extensive equipment including transport systems, robotics for specimen handling, automated analyzers, and integrated data analysis software. Despite the incurred costs, total laboratory automation is likely to be profitable as it increases product workflow (with decreased turn-around time), decreases errors such as mislabeling and cross-contamination, and improves accuracy of results due to standardization of manual operations (e.g. pipetting). Furthermore, high-throughput screening techniques enable the analysis and characterization of vast arrays of drugs, biological molecules, and genes that enhance the research and development process for new pharmaceutical and biologic products.

While most Clinical Pathology Laboratories have routinely employed automated systems for some time, advances in digital pathology have facilitated automation in Anatomic Pathology Laboratories. Ventana Medical Systems and other vendors have developed innovative automated platforms for slide processing, staining, and scanning for whole slide imaging. Such advancements not only exert a profound effect on workflow efficiency and throughput, but will also expand the use of telepathology in the future.

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