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March 2014:
Tissue Processors and Other Histology

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Tissue Processors and Histology: Xylene-Free Options
Jaleh Mansouri, M.D.

Tissue processing remains one of the most critical steps in procuring high quality diagnostic material for microscopic pathologic evaluation. Unfortunately, exposure to histologic reagents such as xylene can result in acute and chronic health problems including respiratory and gastrointestinal irritation and central nervous system (CNS) dysfunction. Xylene acts as a clearing agent and solvent and is used in tissue processing, staining, and cover-slipping. While closed automated tissue processors have helped reduce the exposure of laboratory personnel to xylene, there has been an increased emphasis on developing and implementing protocols that are xylene-free.

Alternative tissue processing protocols can involve the substitution of xylene by varying mixtures of ethanol/isopropanol or isopropanol/paraffin. Advantages include the reduced toxicity and cost of isopropanol (compared to xylene) as well as decreased processing times. Preliminary testing of such protocols has already been performed in the United Kingdom (e.g. Leica Biosystems, Thermo Fisher Scientific), the Netherlands (e.g. Thermo Fisher Scientific), and the United States (e.g. Thermo Fisher Scientific) with encouraging results. Given the current climate of safety, environmental, and economic concerns, one can expect additional U.S. laboratories to participate in the validation of safer and more cost-effective xylene-free methodologies in the future.

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