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November 2014:
Consumable Lab Products / Clinical Lab Analyzers

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Laboratory Consumables: Pathology Glass Slides
Jaleh Mansouri, M.D.

Almost since the time microscopes were first invented, glass slides have been used as a means of viewing objects under the microscope. Even in the age of digital microscopy, real glass slides won’t be disappearing any time soon, since the specimen has to be first mounted on a slide before it can be scanned and digitized. With all the applications available in the field of pathology today, manufacturers have come up with an array of slides suitably adapted for different applications in both clinical pathology and research.

Slides vary in size, glass quality, glass adherent coatings, and many other features. The most common example is a positively charged immunohistochemistry slide that has increased tissue retention (Leica Biosystems). Microarray slides contain a pure gold coating to increase reflective properties for optimal optical single cell viewing (Thermo Scientific). There are slides with multiple wells for viewing several specimens on a single slide and contain hydrophobic coatings to prevent contamination of specimens. For research applications, slides are available that contain an ITO (indium-tin-oxide) coating, which improves conductivity (Sigma-Aldrich, Biotechs). These slides can be placed in a thermal adapter and heated to view live mammalian cells or microbes such as yeast. Pathologists today have a wide selection of slides to choose from, and the challenge now is to choose exactly the right one.

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