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January 2015
Billing / Consulting / Management

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Medical Billing In Pathology: Billing and Consulting Firms
Jaleh Mansouri, M.D.

Due to current trends in the economy and reimbursement practices in health care, billing for pathology services has become a complex endeavor. Many pathology practices contract with billing agencies and other consulting firms to handle coding, billing, and claims management for Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance carriers. Alternatively, pathology offices may utilize various software packages to coordinate both diagnostic coding and billing with pathology services provided. These activities are often performed by staff with specific training and certification in medical billing (CPB-Certified Professional Biller).

Medical billing and consulting firms (e.g. AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions (AHS), Physicians Independent Management Services (PIMS), Vachette Pathology) can provide valuable services in addition to billing in order to maximize revenue for pathology practices, including diagnostic coding, fee schedule analysis, and practice management. Accurate diagnostic coding is essential in both capturing reimbursement fees and reducing the rate of payment refusals by third party payors and thus the rate of appeals claims. Fee schedule analysis can aid pathology practices and laboratories to set competitive fees for services that reflect both market trends and client / payor expectations. Practice management consultants can offer helpful advice in the administrative and business aspects of a pathology practice to optimize the effective use of resources while providing high quality services to patients.

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AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions (AHS). Powerful pathology coding, billing and practice management services. We use incredible technology to maximize revenue and decrease costs, frequently in dramatic ways. AHS pathology clients see net collections increase 10 to 30% with better control and understanding of their practice. Billing expertise in both anatomic and clinical pathology. The AHS promise to each pathology client is: More money, faster; Practice financial data anytime, anywhere; Regulatory compliance, built-in; and Client First service. Call toll-free now 877-501-1611 or email info@ahsrcm.com.

Physicians Independent Management Services (PIMS). PIMS is the nation's leading provider of pathology practice and medical billing services. Headquartered in a state-of-the-art 23,000 square-foot facility located in Tampa, Florida, PIMS is a full-service medical billing and practice management services company. Led by a highly experienced team of senior healthcare professionals specializing in anatomic and clinical pathology, PIMS developed PathX - a highly customizable and robust laboratory information system designed specifically for anatomic pathology labs. Healthcare providers and pathology labs across the country are leveraging the power and innovation of PIMS' products to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability. Visit our website or call today and find out what PIMS can do for you. For more information, visit www.pims-inc.com or contact Daniela Cojita at (813) 490-7206 or cojitad@pims-inc.com.

Vachette Pathology. Are you content with your current income? Can you afford to lose more money? Do not settle for less. More than 600 individual pathologists nationwide trust us with their financial oversight and practice management. Imagine: someone who has a successful track record negotiating with managed care, someone that solves your billing and payment problems and guarantees to help you put more money back into your pocket. Vachette Pathology is a pathology practice management firm that specializes in revenue enhancement. WE ARE NOT A BILLING COMPANY. You do not have to change billing agents to increase your income. You simply have to manage the process. Pick up the phone and call me and let's start increasing your income today, contact Mick Raich toll free at 866-407-0763 or at mraich@vachettepathology.com.

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