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May 2015
Computer Software and Systems

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Computer-Assisted Diagnostics: A New Tool for the Pathologist
Jaleh Mansouri, M.D.

Digital pathology has enabled the development of a new modality, computer- assisted diagnostics (CAD), to aid the pathologist in making diagnostic decisions. Computer-assisted diagnostics is designed to aid rather than replace the pathologist in making a more accurate diagnosis through the utilization of quantitative imaging and other methodologies in computational science. CAD programs have been developed for a number of clinical specialties and settings including clinical and radiographic diagnosis and design and decision-making in clinical trials.

For example, TissueMark (PathXL) is an innovative software tool with various applications in pathology. This software tool uses algorithms to perform various automatic operations including tumor cell counts, calculation of percentage of tumor cells, and identification of tumor in breast, colon, and lung tissue. These operations help pathologists make more accurate diagnoses by guiding them in the macro-and micro- dissection of tissue for histologic interpretation and molecular profiling. TissueMark can be adapted to the pathologic analysis of tissue for clinical trials as well. Another innovative tool is the Aperio ImageScope viewing software (Leica Biosystems). This tool uses stereological techniques to calculate areas and volumes of tissue and guide the pathologist in viewing the most important parts of the scanned whole slide image.

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