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Revised: 8 August 2018
Copyright: (c) 2018,, Inc.

  • A gallery constitutes 500+ total images.
  • These images will be posted on a distinct page in our gallery section and disbursed throughout the textbook as appropriate. This is a new feature, and we are still finalizing details.
  • Images can be gross photos, H&E (paraffin embedded tissue, frozen section, cell block), cytology (Diff Quik, pap stain, Wright stain), IHC, special stains, FISH, electron microscopy, etc.
  • The gallery section will also include a photo and biography of the contributor.
  • Photos must be high quality (high resolution, appropriate contrast,, white balanced, minimal folds/tears), 1-3 MB each in JPG GIF TIFF or PNG format sent as attachments, not in a Word or Powerpoint document.
  • The contributor must provide detailed figure legends in a document separate from the images, describing relevant histologic features shown in each image (the diagnosis is not a sufficient figure legend).
  • will retain the copyright for the images, but the contributor will have the right to use these images in journal articles and textbooks as well as for other personal and educational uses.
  • If interested, please initially send 5-10 of the best images to for Dr. Pernick to review (checking quality of images, providing captions and a diagnosis, ability to follow our procedures).
  • If approved, you will be asked to then send the remaining images in batches.
  • Please contact us with any questions.