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This page contains announcements of products and services of interest to pathologists. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or at 248/646-0325.

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25 July 2016:

VENTANA PD-L1 (SP142) Assay
Guiding immunotherapy

Using the right test to determine PD-L1 status for immunotherapy options is important, and the VENTANA PD-L1 (SP142) Assay is the first and only FDA-approved test predictive for TECENTRIQ in urothelial carcinoma (UC) patients.

  • FDA-approved to predict UC patient response to TECENTRIQ
  • Designed to enhance visual contrast of immune cell staining within the tumor microenvironment
  • Stains PD-L1 in both tumor cells (TC) and tumor-infiltrating immune cells (IC)
The VENTANA PD-L1 (SP142) Assay gives you the confidence to appropriately identify UC patients who are most likely to benefit from TECENTRIQ.

Find a testing site.

25 July 2016:

Mopec Introduces Fully Submersible Oscillating Autopsy Saw
'Mopec Autopsy Saw 5000 is lighter, quieter with an ergonomic shape'

Mopec brings a safer more efficient solution to autopsy technology with the introduction of the Mopec Autopsy Saw 5000 - a fully submersible oscillating autopsy saw with an innovative blade design. Weighing less than three pounds, the Mopec Autopsy Saw 5000 is approximately one pound lighter than previous market options. Placement of the motor in the head and handle of the unit provides a balanced weight - resulting in a more precise cut with less operator fatigue.

Packaged with a total of four, non-corrosive, chrome plated steel blades in 64 mm and 76 mm circular and 51 mm and 64 mm segmented; the blade range supports all autopsy requirements. Designed for strength and effectiveness; course teeth enhance the cutting edge and reduce blockage. Oscillating at 13,200 cycles per minute, blade strength and durability allows for a five-year minimum life span with recommended annual maintenance. Changing blades is quick and easy with Mopec's included unique blade clamp and blades can be rotated four times; surpassing the current industry standard of three.

Compact with lightweight construction, the new saw is easily portable, or can be securely built into any autopsy table. Specifically designed for autopsies, the Mopec 5000 is FDA listed and has CE certification.

For laboratories looking for the convenience of a bone vacuum, the saw works in conjunction with the optional Mopec Bone Vacuum 5000. Compact, portable and capable of extracting all harmful debris and matter, the vacuum rests on four large casters - all with brakes. With a bag capacity of 7-liters, the vacuum is IP44 water resistant and has 3-stage filtration, a HEPA filter, a cloth filter and paper filter bag.

For more information visit:

29 June 2016:

Leica Biosystems Launches Expanded Line of Surgipath AffirmSeal Pre-Filled Specimen Jars for Easy Handling and Safe Transport of Various-Sized Tissue Specimens

Leica Biosystems today announced the addition of four new sizes to the current 20 mL Surgipath AffirmSeal Pre-Filled Specimen Jar. The new sizes include 40 mL, 60 mL, 90 mL and 120 mL, and are offered in multiple packaging configurations. Pre-filled with 10% neutral buffered formalin, AffirmSeal jars are specifically designed for safe collection and transport of various sized specimens.

The jars feature a plastic mold design that creates two clearly audible and tactile "clicks" when the lid is properly secured. This provides confirmation that the specimen is secure, helps prevent leakage, and offers an added level of safety from formalin fumes for couriers and technicians.

AffirmSeal jars are made of durable plastic to prevent cracking when inadvertently dropped, and comply with 95 kPa pressure testing for safe air shipment and use in pneumatic transport systems. The packaging is made of chipboard material, making it safe for operating room use. In terms of configurations, Mini-Pak sizes allow for easy breakdown of the cases for distribution to other labs and physician offices. Alternatively, flat packs save storage space and provide added durability during transit.

The new AffirmSeal sizes will be available for pre-order starting today on Pre-orders will ship by 7/20.

13 June 2016: QImaging, a manufacturer of scientific cameras for life science and OEM applications, introduces a new series of Retiga™ CCD cameras, accompanied by QImaging's new acquisition software to deliver high-performance tools for microscopy and imaging to researchers at an affordable price.

The new QImaging Retiga R1, Retiga R3 and Retiga R6 cameras offer valuable technical features such as state-of-the-art, highly efficient CCD sensor technology and deep cooling that virtually eliminates dark current noise. Find more information here.

31 May 2016:

New! Pathology Board Review Bundle with CME/MOC credits and $1000 Amazon Gift Card

BoardVitals has announced a new and improved question bank for Pathologists. Complete your Pathology CME & MOC Requirements Online with the BoardVitals Board Review Self-Assessment Activity. This activity consists of a series of board-style questions with detailed rationales and will net you 60 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits and 60 American Board of Pathology SAM Credits simultaneously. Includes 12 months access to this activity and BoardVitals will send you a $1000 Amazon Gift Card. Sign up now to get your Amazon Gift Card.

5 May 2016: Mopec, creator of the industry's first touch screen grossing station, has signed an exclusive agreement to feature Milestone's MacroPATH pro-x macro digital imaging system with its MB800 grossing station.

Milestone's pro-x camera system can now be imbedded optionally in the Mopec MB800 Grossing Station's camera imaging canopy; keeping the pathology camera precisely and securely in place for optimal data recording, transferring and syncing. Milestone's gross imaging software will create a library of sequential, individually labeled specimen images, creating full specimen documentation and detailed pathology reports.

The Mopec MB800 Grossing Station was introduced fourth quarter of 2015.

Mopec CEO Jane VanDusen, Marco Bellini, general manager of Milestone and Max Corona, Mopec VP of engineering - at Milestone headquarters in Italy on May 2. Milestone is the parent company of Milestone Medical Technologies.

4 May 2016: Milestone presents FlashFREEZE, the science of flash freezing for standardized tissue banking. Standardize the preparation of frozen biospecimen samples at -80C without the use of dangerous and labor intensive freezing mediums like liquid nitrogen or isopentane. The FlashFREEZE enables multiple specimens to be managed simultaneously in a space conscious footprint.

Learn more about the FlashFREEZE by calling 866-995-5300, emailing, or visiting

24 March 2016: PRESTO is an innovative fully automated benchtop processor/stainer for high-quality frozen sections. A rapid standardized approach to processing (fixation + dehydration + clearing) the slide, followed by automated staining protocols eliminates user-to-user variability. Results rival permanent slide quality in as little as 4 minutes. The Presto enables stain choice through an open platform approach and offers fully programmable protocols.

For more information call Milestone Medical at 866-995-5300, or visit