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This page contains announcements of products and services of interest to pathologists. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or at 248/646-0325.

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13 June 2016: QImaging, a manufacturer of scientific cameras for life science and OEM applications, introduces a new series of Retiga™ CCD cameras, accompanied by QImaging's new acquisition software to deliver high-performance tools for microscopy and imaging to researchers at an affordable price.

The new QImaging Retiga R1, Retiga R3 and Retiga R6 cameras offer valuable technical features such as state-of-the-art, highly efficient CCD sensor technology and deep cooling that virtually eliminates dark current noise. Find more information here.

31 May 2016:

New! Pathology Board Review Bundle with CME/MOC credits and $1000 Amazon Gift Card

BoardVitals has announced a new and improved question bank for Pathologists. Complete your Pathology CME & MOC Requirements Online with the BoardVitals Board Review Self-Assessment Activity. This activity consists of a series of board-style questions with detailed rationales and will net you 60 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits and 60 American Board of Pathology SAM Credits simultaneously. Includes 12 months access to this activity and BoardVitals will send you a $1000 Amazon Gift Card. Sign up now to get your Amazon Gift Card.

5 May 2016: Mopec, creator of the industry's first touch screen grossing station, has signed an exclusive agreement to feature Milestone's MacroPATH pro-x macro digital imaging system with its MB800 grossing station.

Milestone's pro-x camera system can now be imbedded optionally in the Mopec MB800 Grossing Station's camera imaging canopy; keeping the pathology camera precisely and securely in place for optimal data recording, transferring and syncing. Milestone's gross imaging software will create a library of sequential, individually labeled specimen images, creating full specimen documentation and detailed pathology reports.

The Mopec MB800 Grossing Station was introduced fourth quarter of 2015.

Mopec CEO Jane VanDusen, Marco Bellini, general manager of Milestone and Max Corona, Mopec VP of engineering - at Milestone headquarters in Italy on May 2. Milestone is the parent company of Milestone Medical Technologies.

4 May 2016: Milestone presents FlashFREEZE, the science of flash freezing for standardized tissue banking. Standardize the preparation of frozen biospecimen samples at -80C without the use of dangerous and labor intensive freezing mediums like liquid nitrogen or isopentane. The FlashFREEZE enables multiple specimens to be managed simultaneously in a space conscious footprint.

Learn more about the FlashFREEZE by calling 866-995-5300, emailing, or visiting

8 April 2016: Bio SB, Inc., a molecular pathology company based out of Santa Barbara, CA, has announced that they now offer 50 new, unique antibodies for IVD applications. This generation of new antibodies offers higher affinity, sensitivity and specificity when compared to the previous generation of mouse monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies traditionally used in diagnostic immunohistochemistry applications. Bio SB's new RBT and EP clones of rabbit monoclonal antibodies are unique reagents for cancer research and diagnostics. Among them are BRAF V600E, B7/H3, CD163, CTLA-4, Helicobacter pylori, MDM2, NKX3.1, OX-40, SATB2, SMAD4, STAT6 and many others. For more information, please visit the Bio SB website at

24 March 2016: PRESTO is an innovative fully automated benchtop processor/stainer for high-quality frozen sections. A rapid standardized approach to processing (fixation + dehydration + clearing) the slide, followed by automated staining protocols eliminates user-to-user variability. Results rival permanent slide quality in as little as 4 minutes. The Presto enables stain choice through an open platform approach and offers fully programmable protocols.

For more information call Milestone Medical at 866-995-5300, or visit

25 January 2016: Mopec has developed a powered hydraulic cadaver carrier capable of transporting up to 700 pounds with a simple light touch. Powered by a battery operated motorized base, the Mopec JA800 Powered Hydraulic Cadaver Carrier effortlessly navigates corners, ramps and doors as it safely moves without manual force - allowing even the smallest operator to transport effortlessly, free from back and body strain.

Ergonomically placed activation grips incrementally control speed and immediately stop cart movement upon quick release. An advanced braking system gives the operator the ability to apply and lock brakes concurrently from all sides.

Designed to alleviate worker injuries associated with cadaver transport, the Mopec JA800 features end to end tilting and has an elevation range of 11-inches, providing maximum comfort for operators of various sizes. A manual foot-pedal hydraulic pump conveniently activates height adjustments.

Featuring a 12-hour battery life, the Mopec JA800 is easily charged from a standard outlet with attached cord and can be left plugged in without the worry of overcharging.

A lightweight aluminum cadaver carrier frame with a heavy-duty vinyl cover permits discreet transportation from hospital room to morgue. Aligning mechanisms and large diameter casters - impervious to embalming chemicals, make steering easy, while maneuverability is enhanced by a fifth wheel. The cadaver carrier can be manually operated if warranted.

For more information visit:

24 November 2015: Milestone introduces LeanSTATION Bx, a digital documentation station for high-volume biopsy case environments. Quickly capture images of requisition forms, sample containers, specimen counts and filled cassettes. A small footprint, downdraft ventilation, minimal manual intervention and simplified software enable fast training and implementation.

Learn the complete LeanSTATION Bx story by calling 866-995-5300, emailing or visiting