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24 November 2015: Milestone introduces LeanSTATION Bx, a digital documentation station for high-volume biopsy case environments. Quickly capture images of requisition forms, sample containers, specimen counts and filled cassettes. A small footprint, downdraft ventilation, minimal manual intervention and simplified software enable fast training and implementation.

Learn the complete LeanSTATION Bx story by calling 866-995-5300, emailing or visiting

3 November 2015: OPTRONICS a leading developer of High Definition microscope camera systems for clinical, research and industrial microscopy announced the release of their all-new OcularCINEMA progressive scan, c-mount camera systems for Clinical, Research and Industrial imaging applications.

The OcularCINEMA 4K CMOS Ultra High Definition color microscope camera package delivers real-time, true progressive scan UHD video to the largest displays with 4X the resolution of 1080p HD video. The OcularCINEMA 4K package provides effortless connection to a microscope with an included 0.35x C-mount optical adapter compatible with most OLYMPUS®, LEICA® and NIKON® microscopes.

The OcularCINEMA HD camera package offers a CMOS-based color imaging camera that delivers true progressive scan real-time high resolution video to the largest displays and/or computers simultaneously. The OcularCINEMA HD camera package provides effortless connection to a microscope with the included 0.35X C-mount optical adapter compatible with most OLYMPUS®, LEICA® and NIKON® microscopes.

To learn more about OcularCINEMA camera packages and other exciting new imaging enhancements visit

3 November 2015: Kubtec®, the leader in innovation for digital specimen radiography systems, announced the launch of the Gamma-Pro Node and Seed Location System for use in breast seed location and sentinel lymph node biopsy procedures. The Gamma Pro System is the best-in-class tool for detecting radioactive seeds and sentinel nodes in patients undergoing breast cancer surgery.

With real-time feedback and the most sensitive detection technology, the Gamma-Pro System enables breast surgeons to precisely locate radioactive I-125 seeds, and nodes injected with 99-mTc. The Gamma-Pro System is capable of detecting nodes and seeds up to 8mm deep, enabling use with patients of all body types.

For more information, please visit

27 October 2015: Symbiodx, a leading molecular reference laboratory in the Pacific Northwest, and Cure Forward, a multisided technology platform to support patient engagement, announced a new collaboration to advance precision medicine. The partnership between Symbiodx and Cure Forward will provide patients with streamlined access to their genomic data and greater exposure to relevant clinical trials.

Symbiodx is an innovative, state-of-the-art anatomic and molecular pathology reference laboratory currently doing more than 300,000 biopsies annually. Symbiodx provides a unique solution for cancer genomics testing through a custom designed next generation sequencing (NGS) assay that incorporates the histopathology findings, and informs clinical decision-making for both solid and hematologic malignancies.

Cure Forward launched in private beta earlier this year to streamline the connection between diagnosed cancer patients and clinical trial administrators. Through Cure Forward's website, patients can retrieve molecular diagnostic test results ordered by their physicians from accredited laboratory test providers, and then use that data to access educational information, collaborate with other patients, or investigate treatment options including clinical trials. With its unique clinical trial matching technology, inverts conventional approaches to trial matching by bringing trial invitations directly to patients. The solution is intended to reduce recruitment times and increase trial participation, to support faster approval of targeted therapies for cancer patients.

In addition to the clinical trial exchange, Cure Forward also offers access to educational information, starting in cancer, to help consumers understand the molecular science of their disease, as well as an online community where patients with the same molecular and clinical factors can connect and collaborate.

For more information about Symbiodx, please visit and for more information about Cure Forward, visit

20 October 2015:

NanoZoomer S210: The newest addition to the NanoZoomer series of whole slide scanners

For ten years, the NanoZoomer series of whole slide scanners has offered you a fast, reliable way to scan slide-mounted tissue with outstanding image quality. Now Hamamatsu introduces the newest member of the NanoZoomer series - the cost-effective, high-quality NanoZoomer S210.

What is the NanoZoomer S210?
With a capacity of 210 slides in a single batch or the option for continuous loading, the NanoZoomer S210 is the ideal solution for small- and medium-sized hospitals* or research departments looking to benefit from innovations in digital pathology. The S210 makes use of an ultralarge CMOS chip sensor and flash lamp technology to provide fast acquisition of the slide area.


  • 210 slide scanning capability
  • Batch scanning or continuous loading
  • Improved batch completion time
  • High performance
  • Cost effective
  • Simple operation
  • Sleek design and small footprint
  • Allows prioritizing entire slide cassettes for advanced workflow

For more information, visit or call 1-800-524-0504.

13 October 2015: Mopec brings the latest technological advancements into the anatomical pathology laboratory as it introduces the Mopec MB800, the industry's first touch screen grossing station.

An interactive touch screen display highlighting essential grossing station operational information monitors formalin level, bio waste level, filter usage duration and ventilation performance. High output, touch-free LED lighting uniformly illuminates the dissection space, which offers interchangeable grid plates and cutting board surface options. The smooth rounded front edge provides the pathologist with a comfortable point-of-contact.

A hands-free sink faucet, combined with a hand spray rinse, offers an extra measure of sanitation and ease of clean up.

For those not linking to a full laboratory ventilation system, the Mopec MB800 boasts a powerful, efficient, self-contained air filtration system with adjustable noise reduction control.

Designed to accommodate operators of varying heights, the MB800 has an elevation feature that raises or lowers the unit by as much as four-inches with a simple hand control.

Two track-mounted articulating computer arms with VESA mounts provide docking stations for monitors, all-in-one computers or tablets. The keyboard arm is conveniently mounted off the front edge of the work surface and articulates to allow height adjustment.

An optional camera-imaging canopy, designed to seamlessly integrate with the industry's leading imaging systems, keeps the pathology camera system precisely and securely in place as focus and zoom control are remotely operated. Dedicated USB ports for camera control and data transfer ensure proper recording and syncing. Imaging is further enhanced by the MB800 lighting systems' cool running long-life bulbs, which permit adjustments in color and intensity.

Workspace flexibility and organization is optimized through a stainless steel pegboard designed for accessory placement and easy access. An optional fully ventilated trash receptacle conveniently attaches to the side of the station.

Motion sensors preserve energy and resources when the system is not in operation.

Standard a 60-inches in length, the Mopec MB800 can be customized to 48-inches or built as large as required by individual labs.

For more information call +1 (800) 362-8491, email or visit

9 October 2015:

NeoSITE® Cervical FISH Panel

We are pleased to introduce the NeoSITE® Cervical FISH Panel to aid diagnosis, classification, and monitoring progression and regression of cervical lesions including ASCUS, LSIL, HSIL, and CIN. Global and tech-only testing is now available.

The NeoSITE® Cervical FISH Panel, performed on ThinPrep® cytology samples, serves as an adjunct to cytology and HPV nucleic acid analysis. The Panel determines copy numbers of five genomic loci that show non-random gains in pre-cancerous and cancerous cervical lesions. These gains have been associated with progression of cervical cancer. Circumstances in which FISH testing may be considered include:

  • Ambiguous cytology on Pap smear (e.g. ASCUS, LSIL, HSIL)
  • Discordant cytology and HPV status
  • To differentiate high-risk vs. low-risk LSIL
  • Decision-making for colposcopy vs. monitoring and repeat Pap
  • Monitoring pre-cancerous lesions
  • Any clinical scenario calling for an additional prognostic indicator

This is the only five-probe assay commercially available to evaluate chromosomal imbalances in cervical cancer. In validation studies, this test demonstrated genomic instability in 98% of HSIL/HPV-positive lesions. Testing should be coordinated with HPV genetic analysis and cytology. Check out our other Women's Health Molecular Tests.

A recorded presentation entitled NeoSITE® Cervical FISH Panel is available for viewing at your convenience through our NeoUNIVERSITY Training Website (free registration required). This webinar is about 15 minutes in length and includes orientation to the probes, signal patterns, and interpretation of results.

A printable test summary is available here.

Please Contact Us with any questions or comments. We'd love to hear from you!

22 July 2015:

The World's First and Only
ARUP's Sort-to-Light System Illuminates Efficiencies

Aside from the "Wow" factor in seeing a "rainbow" light up in a medical lab, ARUP's Laboratories newest generation of the Sort-to-Light system (S2L) further ensures efficiency and reliability as some 200,000 manually delivered specimens enter and exit through its colorful doors each month. This accounts for 15-18 percent of ARUP's monthly volume of non-track specimens.

It is the world's first and only medical laboratory S2L system, built to decrease compromised and lost specimens. It allows for double the capacity with an increase in number of operators and total sort groups.

For more information, please click here.

15 June 2015: Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (Ventana), a member of the Roche Group, announces approval of the VENTANA ALK (D5F3) CDx Assay by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a companion diagnostic to aid in the identification of patients for Pfizer's FDA approved targeted therapy, XALKORI® (crizotinib). The VENTANA ALK Assay was approved as a CE-IVD in Europe in 2012 and was approved by the Chinese Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) in 2013. With this US FDA Class III approval, ALK IHC testing is now widely accessible on VENTANA BenchMark1 immunohistochemistry (IHC) instruments globally, can be easily integrated into standard lab workflow and offers fast test results with a binary, straightforward scoring method.

Positive case of lung tissue stained for ALK with VENTANA ALK (D5F3)
CDx Assay

Negative case of lung tissue stained for ALK with VENTANA ALK (D5F3)
CDx Assay

For more information visit