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Promotional Offers - February 2014

This promotions email is sent before the USCAP and the CAP. We hope that it provides useful information to you.

AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions

AdvantEdge provides pathology management solutions and business intelligence tools that improve decision making, maximize financial performance, streamline operations and eliminate compliance risks.

Solutions include pathology billing, coding, revenue optimization, informatics, compliance and practice management. All are delivered with our ClientFirst focus and tailored to meet each client's specific business needs.

Pathology groups and hospital pathology departments have confidence that AdvantEdge services complement their focus on coordinated, high quality diagnostic services within a patient-centric delivery system. Our services enable them to prosper and grow in todays and tomorrow's challenging healthcare environment.

Click here to get your copy of our ICD-10 Implementation Guide.


BoardVitals.com is giving away a FREE 30-day subscription to their Pathology AP/CP Question Bank!

Enter to win by visiting www.boardvitals.com and submit your information through the Scholarships link.

Winner will be chosen on April 15th, so enter today!

College of American Pathologists

CAP eFRM (electronic Forms and Reporting Module), a new software tool for structured synoptic reporting, helps pathologists streamline cancer data reporting and remain compliant with regulatory requirements.

CAP eFRM simplifies cancer reporting by automatically delivering the latest CAP Cancer Protocols. With an easy-to-use interface and user-defined workflows, you can customize CAP eFRM to fit your specific needs. Meet regulatory requirements by eliminating errors of omission and redundant entries. Our dedicated support ensures quick and smooth deployment.

Click here to learn more.

Exakt Technologies

Precise, Safe, Fast The EXAKT 312 Diamond Pathology Saw is the ultimate sample preparation tool and bone saw. Whether you're in a hospital pathology lab or the anatomy department of a medical university, it's the safest, quickest way to gross tissues, especially bone with implants or screws. The diamond band does not cut, but grinds very precisely. The result is full preservation of the samples, clean surfaces with little or no artifacts, micro fractures or nicks. Plus, there's no immediate risk of injury if the band is touched unintentionally - a first for occupational safety. See video at EXAKTUSA.com/pathology-saw. Contact: info@EXAKTUSA.com, 800-866-7172.

McKesson Business Performance Services

McKesson, processing over 54 million procedures annually for over 2,000 pathologists, is uniquely qualified to take your financial performance to the next level. Reimbursement cuts, coding changes and tougher compliance rules significantly undermine revenue. McKesson has been addressing these issues for more than 25 years with our market - leading medical billing and practice management solutions for pathologists and laboratories. Pathologists understand that McKesson's solutions can help them improve financial performance, successfully manage complex payer models, increase referrals, improve coding and documentation and minimize regulatory risks. Accelerate the flow of funds and strategize for future growth opportunities with McKesson. See McKesson Pathology Services or contact leigh.polk@mckesson.com for more information.

PathView Systems

Progeny Anatomic Pathology, Cytology, and Molecular LIS
(15% to 25% discount available)

Are you tired of being 1 of 500 customers, waiting multiple years for fixes and updates, and knowing more about your system than your vendor's support staff?
Are you facing an LIS upgrade that costs all most as much as a new system?
Are you considering a tracking system like CEREBRO or VANTAGE because your LIS doesn't do tracking?
Are you held hostage for an update to have ICD10 functionality?
Are you wishing you had a Business success partner instead of a monster vendor?
There IS an alternative - click on the PathView Systems banner and welcome to your new LIS.

Photodyne Technologies

Photodyne Technologies is pleased to offer their new line of grossing macrophotography units. The P series units are available with off the shelf Point and Shoot cameras or with top of the line DSLR cameras with 18 MP resolution allowing RAW data manipulation. These new units incorporate low DC voltage operation for enhanced safety and with all LED bulbs for cool and more efficient performance. Model 701-P is a full size console and model 702-P is a desk top model, both with 30 by 20 photographing area. Model 703-P is a smaller footprint unit with 20 by 13 photographing surface area. Prices for the new units start at $6725 for model 701-P, $5975 for model 702-P, and $5575 for model 703-P. Please visit our website www.photodyne.com.


It is time to audit your billing. You have a million dollar a year business why not audit your revenue stream? What are the objections to an audit?

● It cost too much: Our audits cost around $20,000. This gets you peace-of-mind and a review of your billing efficiency and practices plus an action plan going forward.
● Personal feelings: "I don't want to upset anyone." Audits equal transparency and transparency build creditability. Every good business audits their process.

Audits take time and money but revenue cycle is the number one worry of most managers. Why not eliminate some of that worry?

Your revenue is the common denominator for your business. Call: Mick Raich, cell 866-407-0763, office: 517-486-4262. E-mail: mraich@vachettepathology.com


Visit us at Booth #916 to see why more than 2500 pathology professionals at over 330 sites have chosen Voicebrook as their speech recognition partner. We provide:

"Once and Done" diagnostic workflow for results entry, review and sign out using speech-driven process
● Traditional transcription and Delegated Workflow Module for transcription assistance
Ready-to-use Pathology specific templates which can be customized to meet your reporting standards
● Speech-enabled CAP eCC entry for primary cancer cases
● Advanced system integration with all major Anatomic Pathology solutions, for speech- enabled navigation and automation of common functions
Pathology-experienced and industry-leading Solution Delivery support teams

For more information contact info@voicebrook.com.

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