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PathologyOutlines.com Advertising Rate Card

Effective November 1, 2013

Home Page

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Advertising on www.PathologyOutlines.com reaches a targeted audience of pathologists and laboratory personnel who visit our website on a regular basis.  We average over 400,000 monthly visitors, or over 13,000 every day (click here to view our statistics).


Note: to advertise Job or Fellowship openings or Conferences, please click on these pages.


Banner Advertising


Banner advertisers receive a listing on our Buyer’s Guide in up to 5 categories, 2 monthly announcements on our New Products and Services page, inclusion in applicable Feature Pages and Promotion emails and click-thru statistics every 1-2 months.


Technical requirements: banners must be in GIF, animated GIF or JPG format.  We do not accept Flash.  The maximum file size is 25K, the suggested frame limit is 5, and no audio is allowed.  Click here for suggestions on banner advertising.


Deadlines: new ad materials are due at least one week prior to the start date, as indicated on the contract / invoice.


Contact Sara Halladay-Klakulak at 248/646-0325 or PathOutSales@gmail.com for availability and prices.



"Sources" (Antibodies / Biomarkers) advertising


We now offer companies an opportunity to market their products directly in relevant chapters or topics.  We provide you a page with your banner, company information and links to landing pages for all your advertised products with us.  Each product is also posted near the top of relevant topic pages.  We anticipate numerous postings on the Stains, CD Markers and Molecular Pages.  Advertisers are posted first-come, first-served.  The cost for a 5 year period is only $350/each for 1-4 products posted, $300/each for 5-19 products or $250/each for 20+ products.  New products may be added at any time.  Click here for an example.


Email advertising


Over 5,000 email subscribers receive our Case of the Week.  These emails are likely to be read because everyone who gets these emails has signed up for them.  These emails, along with your advertising message (100 words of text, links and a banner), are also posted online on the 4 Case of the Week pages and on the appropriate topics page, and are typically read many times each month even after the email is sent.  The cost is $600 per email or $1,500 for 3 emails.  Click here for an example.


To add email advertising in the biweekly Jobs / Fellowships / Conferences email (3,200+ subscribers) plus Monthly Website news email (2800+ subscribers) costs an additional $500 for one email to both lists, or $1,200 for 3 emails to both lists.


Management Page advertising


Advertisers on this page have a banner as well as the opportunity to write articles about the management of pathology practices.  Articles are posted for at least two years, and contain contact information at the end.  These articles help pathologists learn about your approach to management.  This includes the Buyers Guide and Announcements (below).  The cost is $3,000 for one year, reduced to $2,000 for those with other banner advertising on the Home Page or elsewhere.


Buyers Guide and Announcements


This package provides exposure for your company on two popular pages of our website.  First, your company is listed on our Buyer’s Guide, with a 100 word description in up to 5 categories and a link to your website.  Second, you can post two announcements per month on our New Products and Services page, with a banner, images and a link.  The cost is $2,000 for one year and $1,200 for 6 months.  For additional categories (beyond 5), the cost is $100 each per year.




Ads either require prepayment or payment within 30 days by check or credit card.  Please contact Sara Halladay-Klakulak or Nat Pernick at 248/646-0325 or pathoutsales@gmail.com to place your ad or if you have any questions.