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This page discusses restrictions on the use of


1.  Our website is a free, no-registration, educational website.


2.  The website is intended to be used by pathologists, laboratory and other medical professionals.  These individuals understand that medical information must be interpreted within the proper context, and that no information, whether a patient test result or a book / website / medical authority, should be considered infallible.  Others are welcome to use this website with this understanding.


3.  Information from this website cannot be copied into another website (use a link instead), used for any commercial product or incorporated into any copyrighted product.  Please note that copying text is a violation of US and international copyright laws.  If you do this, we will take legal action against you, and you may be subject to civil and criminal penalties, even if you are a nonprofit or an individual.  It should be clear to everyone today that you cannot copy material.  If in doubt, email ( or call us (248/646-0325 in US)


4.  We welcome you to bookmark or link to any of our pages. However, you cannot put a link behind a password. We are committed to being a non-restricted website, and if your website has password protection, the links to our website must be before the password, not after it.




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