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Reviewer resources
Revised: 20 October 2013


This page contains all of the resources available to our reviewers. If you are a prospective reviewer, a good place to start is our Instructions for Reviewers page to get an idea of what reviewing entails. Then, if you are interested in becoming a reviewer, go ahead and check out our Chapters in Review page to see where you might be able to contribute and how to get started. If you have any questions, take a look at our Reviewer FAQ page; chances are that someone else has asked your question before. If you think you are ready to become a reviewer and have already viewed the aforementioned pages, please contact our Reviewer coordinator at editor.pathout@gmail.com to request a specific section that you'd like to review. Please send her your resume and be prepared for her to give you a 'test topic' from your desired section to see if your review style is a good fit for our site. Thank you very much for your interest in reviewing for PathologyOutlines.com.

Table of contents

Instructions for Reviewers - this page details what is expected of a reviewer and goes over the review process

Chapters in Review - this page shows the chapters that are currently being reviewed and the reviewer assigned to each section - a great resource for current/prospective reviewers or anyone interested in our chapter updates

Stains in Review - this page shows the stains that are currently being reviewed and the reviewer assigned to each topic

Reviewer FAQ - this page answers some of the most frequently asked questions by our reviewers

Reviewers / Authors / Editors of Chapters - this page lists all of our reviewers, authors, and editors, both past and present, with their headshot and contact info

Reviewer Agreement Form: word document, pdf file - this is the piece of paperwork needed from anyone who is selected as a reviewer, available as a .doc or .pdf file - please either fax to (248) 646-3119 or email to editor.pathout@gmail.com

End of Reviewer resources page