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Computer Systems - AP / LIS
Psyche Systems Corporation

Revised: 21 November 2017
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Rachel Stratman
Psyche Systems Corporation
24 Birch Street Building B
Milford, MA 01757

Voice: 508.473.1500
Fax: 508.478.4717
Toll Free: 508.345.1514

Email: sales@psychesystems.com

Company Background

Psyche Systems Corporation is a private company focused exclusively on delivering laboratory information systems to hospitals and clinics since 1976. It is this unwavering focus on serving its core customer base that has enabled Psyche to maintain strong customer loyalty and deliver on its commitment to high quality products and services. Psyche Systems' laboratory information system solutions are best-of-breed products designed to meet the specific needs of clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories. Psyche Systems works closely with its customers during product development to ensure it's delivering the highest quality products and services at a competitive price.


WindoPath AP is a highly advanced, full-featured anatomic pathology information system with a modular, customizable design allowing it to quickly and easily adapt to the specific needs of laboratories of all sizes and testing capabilities. WindoPath is used in hospitals, private pathology groups, physician office labs, and specialty labs like cytology, dermatopathology, urology, gastroenterology, endoscopy, molecular pathology, toxicology, and genetic testing, among others.

WindoPath AP is available as a robust, standalone anatomic pathology system, or as part of a completely integrated laboratory suite along with Psyche Systems' Clinical LIS and SBB blood bank system. WindoPath's revolutionary Clinical Information Module provides the pathologist with a complete picture of the patient's condition. It allows him/her to view all of the clinical and anatomic pathology results associated with a particular case, whether that lab is using Psyche's Clinical LIS, another LIS, or interfacing clinical instruments directly to WindoPath. WindoPath's other advanced feature modules include e.reports and e.orders for Web-based clinician outreach, and VoxPap interactive voice for Pap cases.

Highlighted Features

Internet Reporting

WindoPath's e.reports and e.orders modules enable the lab to securely connect with the physicians it serves. e.reports gives the clinician faster access to patient care information, while enabling the lab to streamline report distribution, improve efficiency and turnaround time. Physicians quickly access completed reports from a secure, lab branded web page using any internet connected computer. Physicians can print reports from e.reports for easy information sharing and record keeping.

Similar to e.reports, e.orders enables physicians to quickly and easily place test orders online through a secure Web page. Each physician can customize his/her own online order form for the most commonly ordered tests, and then track orders online to confirm the specimen has been received and processed by the lab. Because patient information is entered into the system directly from the physician's office, e.orders minimizes the potential for clerical and billing errors providing improved accuracy and reimbursements.

Customized Reporting

WindoPath features extremely flexible, intelligent report creation and formatting. The laboratory can generate an unlimited number of report types and formats for each physician and/or physician group it serves, as well as each pathologist working in the lab. Formatting reports is easy and automatic, controlled by preferences set at either the lab level or by individual system users, and can quickly be modified in real-time to meet specific requests.

Enhanced report creation options also enable the laboratory to customize the details included in the report to easily add the facility's logo and patient history. Including the patient's previous results, clinical results or entire case history can enhance the value of the diagnosis and aid the physician in determining care options. WindoPath can also automatically generate follow up letters and summary reports to aid the lab in delivering personalized, custom service to its clients.

Synoptic reporting data tables
WindoPath's synoptic reporting can easily create tables that include both pre- defined data and space for variable data. When a case requires tumor staging, a synoptic form can be created or an appropriate table can be selected, allowing the user to enter variable data, such as tumor grade, size, color, etc. The table can then be appended to the final report for printing or data can be electronically shared with the local tumor registry.

It is also possible to search for discrete synoptic elements in the database. For instance, you would be able to find all RUL wedge biopsies with poorly differentiated Adenocarcinoma with lymphatic invasion.

Flexible rules-based report distribution
WindoPath's flexible distribution options allow the laboratory to either automatically schedule and distribute reports or manually release reports, according to the physician's preferred method - via network printer, fax, and online with Psyche's e.reports module. For physicians associated with multiple locations, the lab can automatically distribute the report according to the patient's location. Or, for management reporting, several physicians assigned to the same location can be grouped to report the number of cases sent by a physician group. Reports are stored in XML for easy retrieval and electronic data sharing.

Ancillary test reporting
Ancillary testing, such as Flow Cytometry, cytogenetics, molecular diagnostics and other types of instrument results, can be included in all pathology reports. Each instrument interfaced to WindoPath can be signed out independently and provisional reports released until all ancillary testing is finally completed, at which point a comprehensive report is generated.


WindoPath features automatic capture of CPT codes and billing charges, including separate tracking for professional and technical charges. With automatic charge capture, users can batch sign out cases when appropriate to speed sign out, while accurately billing for each case.

Psyche Systems has strategic relationships with industry leading vendors, providing our customers with seamless end-to-end integrated solutions.

Voice Recognition

VoxPap - "Conversational computing", an emerging technology, is able to address the limitation of voice recognition by allowing the user to interact with the computer directly - the user simply speaks to the computer and the computer speaks back. VoxPap is perfectly suited for GYN laboratories.

Vendor Financial Stability

Since 1976, Psyche has delivered information systems designed exclusively for the pathology laboratory, pioneering many of the industry's leading technology innovations. Psyche developed the first client-server computing model for an AP system, integrated word processing for easier report creation and image management, interactive voice for Pap cases, a hosted software delivery model, and hybrid clinical/AP reporting capabilities.

Select List of Users

Psyche Systems serves more than 200 clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories throughout North America. Its products are active in hospitals of all sizes, ranging from single-site facilities under 100 beds to multi-site medical centers with over 1,700 beds. Psyche's products including LabWeb, WindoPath and the e.lixa suite of laboratory extensions are active in the non-hospital market, including POLs, state laboratories, commercial laboratories, reference laboratories and specialty laboratories.

We value our customers' privacy and do not publish a list of sites that use our products. If you would like to discuss our systems with a live laboratory site similar to yours kindly contact our sales department and we will provide you with a reference site that matches your needs.

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