Adrenal gland and paraganglia
Congenital anomalies
Accessory adrenal tissue

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Definition / general
  • Nests of adrenal tissue located away from adrenal gland
  • Also called heterotopia, although technically this term refers to displacement to an abnormal location, not the presence of accessory tissue elsewhere in body
  • Due to migration of adrenocortical primordial cells with gonads
Clinical features
  • Usually without accompanying medullary tissue; cases near celiac ganglion may also contain medullary tissue
  • Common sites: retroperitoneal space along urogenital ridge, beyond renal capsule in upper pole, hilum of ovary or testes and along course of spermatic cord
  • Present in 1% of inguinal hernia sacs
  • May be accompanied by malformation of epididymis
  • May be fused with liver or kidney and surrounded by a common capsule
  • May undergo same disease processes as ordinary adrenal glandular
Differential diagnosis
See also
Non-adrenal tissue present in adrenal gland

  • Very rare (except for metastases)

Case reports