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Benign tumors

Sessile serrated polyp

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● Also known as sessile serrated adenoma or serrated polyp with abnormal proliferation
● Recently described entity with characteristic morphologic and genetic abnormalities (Am J Clin Pathol 2010;133:623); may include prior cases of focal mucosal hyperplasia
● Shares some overlapping features with serrated lesions of colon with risk of malignant transformation
● Exhibits mutations of BRAF and loss of mismatch repair enzymes

Micro description

● Closely resembles hyperplastic polyp but displays irregular crypt branching (horizontal axis) and dilation and serration of crypt bases, mature mucinous cells at base of crypts

Micro images

Appendiceal serrated lesions

Differential diagnosis

Hyperplastic polyp: no irregular crypt branching
Adenoma (conventional): dysplasia present but no irregular crypt branching

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