Congenital anomalies

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Definition / general
  • Bladder with low capacity (volume)
  • Very rare
  • Causes include abnormal organogenesis during weeks 5-9 of embryogenesis (syndrome of caudal regression), affecting the development of the primitive cloaca; low urine output/inadequate bladder cycling (due to bilateral renal agenesis, severe renal dysplasia); low outlet resistance (epispadias) or functional bypassing of the bladder (bilateral ureteral ectopia)
Clinical features
  • Usually accompanied by other genitourinary malformations (renal agenesis, ureter dysplasia, vaginal agenesis, fused renal ectopia) or gastrointestinal malformations (intestinal malrotation, imperforate anus)
  • Also associated with obstructive uropathy, hydronephrosis
Case reports
  • Many require bladder augmentation or staged ureteral reimplantation to achieve adequate bladder capacity