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Urachal sarcoma

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Definition / General
  • Criteria for diagnosis: sarcoma that occurs at a site consistent with anatomical position of urachus; tumor must demonstrate relationship with urachus
  • Usually < age 20 years
  • At dome of bladder or superior / anterior wall of bladder
  • Urachal ligament is embryologic remnant connecting the dome of the bladder to the umbilicus; urachal remnant may persist and contain tubular or cystic structures (see patent urachus)
Clinical Features
  • Mesenchymal lesions are rare in urachus
  • Leiomyosarcomas or rhabdomyosarcomas are most common urachal sarcomas; represent 8% of urachal malignancies
  • Sarcomas present with hematuria and cystic or solid structure in the bladder dome
  • Propensity for distant metastasis is low, but can have local recurrence
Case Reports
  • Partial cystectomy and en bloc resection of the urachal ligament with the umbilicus
  • No standard chemotherapy/radiation regimen
Micro Description
  • Variable, depends on the subtype of sarcoma
Micro Images

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Differential Diagnosis
  • Sarcomas of non-urachal origin: predominantly ages 40-59