Features to report

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Definition / general
  • Organ
  • Site (include laterality if appropriate)
  • Procedure
  • Tumor diagnosis
  • Tumor size (1 dimension is mandatory, 2 - 3 dimensions if possible)
  • Histologic grade (low / high grade or I, II, III or IV)
  • Chemotherapy response:
    • I: no chemotherapy effect
    • IIA: some necrosis, more than 50% viable tumor
    • IIB: 3% - 50% viable tumor
    • III: less than 3% viable tumor but scattered foci present
    • IV: no viable tumor noted
  • Tumor extent:
    • surface only, cortex only, through cortex, into soft tissue, satellite lesions, invades or crosses joint spaces
  • Margins:
    • Proximal, distal, distance of tumor to closest surgical margin, involvement of neurovascular bundle at margin
    • Lymph nodes: number positive, number examined, extracapsular extension, largest nodal metastasis
    • Staging
    • Results of special studies
  • Optional features:
    • Name structures with gross involvement of tumor
    • Cystic change, hemorrhage, tumor necrosis (in non chemotherapy cases)
    • Large or small vessel invasion present / absent / indeterminate
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