Bone marrow - nonneoplastic
Infectious / inflammatory

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Definition / general
  • Diagnosis of exclusion (perform GMS and acid fast stains to rule out fungi and mycobacteria)
Case reports
Clinical images

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Bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy

Microscopic (histologic) description
Microscopic (histologic) images

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Small focus of necrosis

Larger focus of necrosis

Lymph node with extensive necrosis

Lymph node with large foci of confluent necrosis

Granuloma exhibiting suppurative necrosis

Apoptotic bodies

Apoptotic bodies with small focus of necrosis

Fragmentation of apoptotic bodies

Apoptotic bodies with small foci of necrosis

Apoptotic bodies without necrosis

Cytoplasmic eosinophiiia is evident

Langhans giant cell is in the middle

Well defined, small,
granuloma in
lymph nodes

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