Bone marrow - nonneoplastic
Alterations in cellularity
Treatment related changes in bone marrow

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Posttreatment changes associated with various therapies
  • Bone marrow granulomas
  • Sideroblastic anemia
  • Metastatic lesion maturation in bone marrow biopsy
  • Acute leukemia:
    • Initially hypocellular posttreatment with necrosis and proteinaceous debris, dilated sinuses, increased reticulin
    • Then regeneration of marrow begins after 1 - 2 weeks
  • Other secondary neoplasms: MDS, myeloma, other
Changes associated with specific therapies
  • Chloramphenicol, linezolid: vacuolated erythroblasts (Intern Med J 2005;35:626)
  • Colchicine therapy: abnormal mitotic figures
  • Growth factor therapy: leukemoid reactions
  • Immunosuppressive therapy: hemophagocytic syndromes
  • Methotrexate and valproic acid: erythroid karyorrhexis, nuclear lobulation, megaloblastic changes
  • See also specific disorders
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Vacuolated erythroblasts