Bone forming tumors (not osteosarcoma)
Bone forming tumors - general

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Definition / general
  • Most are benign, although they often are not biopsied
  • Tumors in childhood are usually benign; tumors in elderly are usually malignant
  • Some tumors (giant cell tumor, well differentiated cartilaginous tumors) have borderline features
  • Important to be aware of patient age, bone involved, area of bone involved (epiphysis, metaphysis, diaphysis; cortex, medulla or periosteum) and radiologic appearance before making microscopic diagnosis
  • Xrays are important to define the tumor’s location and aggressiveness, and are necessary to diagnose low grade cartilaginous tumors
  • Clinical symptoms are usually not helpful in making a diagnosis
Diagrams / tables

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Age and radiographic pattern - contributed by Dr. Mark R. Wick

Age and profile - contributed by Dr. Mark R. Wick

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Diagram of common tumor locations