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Amastia / aplasia / hypoplasia of breast tissue

Author: Hind Nassar, M.D. (see Authors page)

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Definition / general
  • Amastia: no glandular tissue (no breast bud), no nipple and no areola
  • Aplasia: nipple and areola present but no glandular tissue
  • Hypoplasia: small rudimentary breasts (i.e. breast underdevelopment); also called micromastia
  • Uncommon
  • Occurs more often in females than males
  • Unilateral or bilateral
Case reports
Clinical images

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Amastia in 11 year old girl

Hypoplasia in 9 year old girl
(fig 1)

Becker nevus with hypoplasia

Hypoplasia of right breast

26 year old woman:

Preoperative of bilateral amastia