Cytopathology Competency Assessment
Male Breast

Author: Gordon H. Yu, M.D. (see Authors page)

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Medical Knowledge, Practice Based Learning and Systems Based Practice
  1. Gynecomastia
    1. Recognize the incidence of gynecomastia in the male population, its clinical presentation and the pathogenic/hormonal basis for its development
    2. Become familiar with the cytomorphologic features of gynecomastia on FNA, including the possibility of hypercellularity and significant cytologic atypia in this benign lesion
  2. Cancer of the Male Breast
    1. Learn the incidence of male breast cancer and its typical clinical presentation
    2. Become familiar with the cytomorphologic features of breast carcinoma in men, appreciating the fact that the appearance and diagnostic criteria for malignancy are identical to those for women
    3. Recognize that metastatic lesions may also present as breast masses in men