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Juvenile xanthogranuloma

Author: Monika Roychowdhury, M.D. (see Authors page)

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Definition / general
  • Benign histiocytic disorder of skin, very rare in breast tissue itself
  • See also topic under Soft Tissue Tumors
  • Also called nevoxanthoendothelioma
  • Benign histiocytic disorder of infants and children; 15% occur in adults (usually young)
Radiology images
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Figure 2. Breast: Mammogram (A)
Sonogram (B)
Doppler sonography (C)

Case reports
  • Conservative excision
Gross description
  • Cutaneous lesions usually 0.1 to 2.0 cm, yellow-red and papulonodular
Microscopic (histologic) description
  • Dense dermal infiltrate of lymphocytes, histiocytes, Touton giant cells (usually), eosinophils and neutrophils, which may extend into subcutis; late - epidermis thins out and the rete ridges become elongated
  • Extracutaneous lesions may lack the Touton giant cells
  • Note: histiocytic giant cells may be Touton type [ring of nuclei surrounding foamy cytoplasm with cytoplasm usually also visible around the nuclei; Langhans type [nuclei form a horseshoe arrangement, not necessary a distinct category from Touton type] or foreign body type [haphazard nuclear arrangement]
  • May have calcifications and variable amounts of fibrosis
Microscopic (histologic) images
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Figure 3: Diffuse nodular aggregation of histiocytes
intermingled with chronic inflammatory cells

Positive stains
Negative stains
Differential diagnosis