Breast malignant, males, children
Treatment effect - Cryoprobe

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Clinical features
  • Cryoprobe: uses cryotherapy to makes nonpalpable carcinomas well defined and palpable by creating an ice ball, leading to removal of less tissue (Am J Surg 2006;192:462)
  • Alters tumor morphology making it difficult to grade tumor, distinguish DCIS and invasive tumor, and identify angiolymphatic invasion or mitotic figures (Am J Clin Pathol 2007;128:239)
  • Alternative to excision of fibroadenomas (Radiology 2005;234:63)
  • Normal breast parenchyma in cryozone shows dense fibrosis, fat necrosis, xanthogranulomatous reaction, endovascular fibrosis and hemorrhage (Cryobiology 2007;55:44)
  • Causes reduction in ER / PR receptors, but does not affect Ki67 staining or margin evaluation
Microscopic (histologic) images

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Cryoprobe related
artifact (fig B)
compared to
core biopsy (fig A)

Cellular shrinkage,
smudgy nuclei
and prominent
retraction artifact

Acellular central
hyaline background
without residual

Residual invasive ductal carcinoma

Post-cryoprobe ablation
shows coagulative
necrosis and amorphous
eosinophilic staining