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Metastases to male breast

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Clinical features
  • 2% of all nonhematologic breast malignancies
  • Most common primary is melanoma; also prostate (Urology 1978;11:641), colon, lung and bladder (Virchows Arch 2006;449:507)
  • Prostate metastases are often bilateral, usually after estrogen therapy in background of gynecomastia; PSA+, PAP+ (note that the normal male breast and gynecomastia may be PSA+ but PAP-, Breast Cancer Res 2004;6:R18, Hum Pathol 1991;22:242)
  • Need strong index of suspicious to diagnose, may need immunostains to distinguish primary and metastatic disease
Radiology description
Microscopic (histologic) description
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