CD Markers

Author: Nat Pernick, M.D. (see Authors page)

Revised: 29 December 2015, last major update July 2013

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Definition / General
  • On chromosome 1q22-23 (not MHC linked); non-covalently associated with beta2 microglobulin
  • Capable of binding ligands with greatly varying alkyl chain lengths (including Mycobacteria tuberculosis and Mycobacteria leprae) through a complex network of interconnected hydrophobic pockets (J Immunol 2004;172:2382, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2011;108:19335, OMIM #188360)
  • Part of immune response to intracellular bacteria
  • Human gammadelta T cells recognize Lipid A in a CD1b or CD1c restricted manner as a first response to gram negative bacteria (Biol Direct 2009;4:47)
Diagrams / Tables

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MHC class I-related lipid-binding proteins

Uses by Pathologists
  • No significant clinical use by pathologists
Micro Images

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Leprosy patient

Thymus tissue

Urinary bladder shows strong cytoplasmic
positivity in urothelial cells

Positive Staining - Normal
  • Cortical thymocytes, Langerhans cells (weaker staining than CD1a), myeloid dendritic cells, brain pyramidal cells and subpopulation of B cells
Positive Staining - Disease
Negative Staining
  • Normal B cells