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Definition / General
  • CD1d presents lipid antigens to natural killer T (NKT) cells; when activated, NKT cells rapidly produce Th1 and Th2 cytokines, typically represented by interferon gamma and IL4 (Wikipedia, OMIM #188410)
  • B cells also present lipid antigen to CD1d restricted invariant NKT cells, which contributes to maintaining tolerance in autoimmunity
  • On chromosome 1q22-23 (not MHC linked)
  • Also called R3G1
  • Sole group 2 member of the CD1 family of MHC-like glycoproteins
Diagrams / Tables

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Antigen presentation

Viral evasion of antigen presentation

Intestinal epithelial CD1d expression

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Viral evasion of antigen presentation

Clinical Features
Uses by Pathologists
Case Reports
  • 6 year old boy with no apparent immunodeficiency who suffered severe life-threatening infection with varicella vaccine virus, with low invariant natural killer T cells and diminished CD1d expression (J Infect Dis 2011;204:1893)
Micro Images

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Cervix: HPV associated lesions

Lymph node: paracortical
dendritic cells (fig 2)

Placenta: trophoblast

Skin: scalp

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Skin: dendritic antigen presenting cells (fig d)

Positive Staining - Normal
Positive Staining - Disease
  • Some B and T cell malignancies; keratinocytes in psoriasis
Negative Staining
  • Normal B cells