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Nat Pernick, M.D.
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Definition / general
  • CD30: lymphocyte activation antigen important in diagnosis of classic Hodgkin's lymphoma, anaplastic large cell lymphoma and embryonal carcinoma
  • CD30v: variant form of CD30 which retains only the cytoplasmic domain; very little has been published about CD30v
  • Note: all content of this topic is about CD30, unless stated otherwise
  • Also known as Ki-1, Ber-H2
  • Member of tumor necrosis factor family of cell surface receptors; also a lymphocyte activation antigen
  • Overexpression causes constitutive expression of nuclear factor-KB, which is considered the molecular basis for aberrant growth and cytokine expression that causes Hodgkin’s lymphoma (Am J Pathol 2003;163:633)
  • Ligand is CD153
  • May also be involved in elimination of autoreactive T cells in thymus
Clinical features
  • Membranous and Golgi type staining
  • Staining doesn’t work well with prolonged formalin fixation or with B5 fixation
Uses by pathologists
  • Confirm diagnosis of anaplastic large cell lymphoma, classic Hodgkin's lymphoma, embryonal carcinoma
  • Other lymphoma diagnosis
Microscopic (histologic) images

Images hosted on PathOut server:
Missing Image

Lymphomatoid papulosis

Images hosted on other servers:

Anaplastic large cell lymphoma:
Missing Image

Post liver transplant, FB

Missing Image

Primary cutaneous, F4

Missing Image

Brain tumor, HIV patient

Missing Image

Primary brain tumor, FB

Missing Image

Sarcomatoid variant, F7

Missing Image

CD30+ scalp lesion, FB

Missing Image

Primary bone tumor, F2B

Missing Image Missing Image Missing Image

Strong membrane and golgi staining pattern (site unspecified)

Missing Image

Small cell variant, anaplastic large cell lymphoma

Classic Hodgkin lymphoma:
Missing Image

Membrane staining

Missing Image Missing Image Missing Image Missing Image

Left to right: pulmonary, F3B; GE junction, FD; EBV+ ileal tumor, FD; colon, F4b

Missing Image

Membrane and paranuclear staining

Missing Image

Classic Hodgkin lymphoma

Other lymphoma:
Missing Image

Plasmablastic lymphoma, F4

Missing Image

Atypical cells in follicular lymphoma

Positive staining - normal
Positive staining - disease
Flow cytometry images

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Missing Image Missing Image Missing Image

Flow cytometry images of anaplastic large cell lymphoma

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