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Definition / General
  • First described as CD352 at HLDA9 in 2011 (Immunol Lett 2011;134:104)
  • Also known as Signaling lymphocytic activation molecule F6 (SLAMF6), Ly108 and NTBA
  • Member of SLAM (CD150) family of receptors, which are leukocyte cell-surface glycoproteins involved in leukocyte activation; these molecules and their adaptor protein SAP contribute to germinal center formation, generation of plasma cells and memory B cells (Immunol Lett 2011;134:129)
  • Costimulatory molecule with CD28 implicated in formation of Th17 lymphocytes and IL17A expression (J Biol Chem 2012;287:38168)
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T cell receptor signalling

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