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Definition / general
Uses by pathologists
  • T cell marker for diagnosis and classification of lymphoma
  • Identify T cell subsets (i.e. memory T cells)
Microscopic (histologic) images

Images hosted on other servers:

Hepatosplenic alpha-beta T cell lymphoma (fig C)

Multiple myeloma-plasma cell staining

CLL with prolymphocytic and Hodgkin’s lymphoma
transformation and CD45RO+ infiltrating T cells (fig 3)

NK/T cell lymphoma, nasal type (figure C)

NK-like T cell lymphoma of parotid gland of HIV+ man (fig 2B)

Positive staining - normal
  • Memory and activated T cells, granulocytes, monocytes, macrophages and cortical thymocytes; some B cells
Positive staining - disease
Negative staining
  • B cells (most), NK cells
  • B cell lymphoma (most), carcinoma and autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (Am J Pathol 1998;153:1541)