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Definition / general
  • Also called KP1, macrosialin
  • May have role in macrophage phagocytic activities
  • Specific to lysosomes, not cell lineage; epithelial cells activated by E. coli may be CD68+ (Toxicol In Vitro 2002;16:405)
  • Binds to tissue and organ specific lectins or selectins, allowing homing of macrophage subsets to particular sites
  • References: OMIM #153634, Am J Clin Pathol 2004;122:794
Uses by pathologists
  • Marker of histiocytes and histiocytic tumors
  • Presence in postportoenterostomy liver biopsies for extrahepatic biliary atresia is associated with favorable prognosis (J Pediatr Surg 2005;40:1252)
Microscopic (histologic) images

Images hosted on PathOut server:

Atypical epithelioid angiomyolipoma of kidney

Images hosted on other servers:

Acute demyelinating disease (fig 9)

AML-M4 (fig 12)

AML-M5 (fig 5b)

Breast carcinoma: treatment effect (fig 3)

Cholesterol granuloma of temporal bone

Castleman’s disease

Chronic myelomonocytic leukemia with eosinophilia
(fig C)

Crohn’s disease

Crystal storing histiocytosis within lymphoma (fig 9)

Endometrial nodular histiocytic hyperplasia
(fig 3)

Erdheim-Chester disease: #1-lung (fig 5); #2-liver (fig 5)

Follicular dendritic cell tumor (fig 13)

Gastrointestinal stromal tumor with osteoclast-like giant cells (fig b)

Gaucher’s disease (presumptive) in spleen

Giant cell granuloma of temporal bone (fig C)

Granular cell tumor (fig 2B)

Histiocytic sarcoma (fig 5)

HIV associated encephalopathy

Inflammatory demyelinating pseudotumor (brain)

Juvenile xanthogranuloma: adult (fig 4)

Kikuchi’s disease (fig 13)

Kikuchi-like lymphadenopathy #1 in lupus

Kupffer cells in alcoholic liver disease (fig 6)

Leiomyosarcoma with osteoclast-like giant cells (fig D)

Lymph node-tingible body macrophages

Multiple sclerosis

Myeloid sarcoma #1 (fig 1d); #2-spine; #3-uterus

Plexiform fibrohistiocytic tumor (fig 3)

Plasmacytoid monocyte tumor

Rosai-Dorfman disease (fig D)

Splenic hamartoma (figure 3B)

Thyroid gland giant cell granuloma
(fig C)

Viral myocarditis

Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis (fig 4)

Various images: quality control

Kupffer cells in normal liver

Kupffer cells in severe non-
alcoholic steatohepatitis (fig B)

Positive staining - normal
Positive staining - tumors
Negative staining