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Atypia / premalignant / preinvasive lesions
HSIL / CIN III / severe dysplasia

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Marilin Rosa, M.D.
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  • Also called carcinoma in situ
  • Due to high risk HPV infection
Clinical features
Cytology description
  • Usually single, small, round / oval cells with scant cytoplasm and increased N/C ratio (greater than 1/2)
  • Nuclear membrane does not have sharp angles
  • Nuclei vary markedly in contour and have irregular coarsely clumped chromatin
  • No macronucleoli, no tumor diathesis
Cytology images

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Various images

Haphazard nuclei with
clumped chromatin
and hyperchromasia

HSIL in pregnant patient

HSIL, suspicious for invasion


Differential diagnosis
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